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Ziksu offers a revolutionary digital instore payment platform which is expected to be easily adopted by Australia’s Indian community with most having already enjoyed similar technology overseas.

Fintech apps have proven to be extremely popular internationally particularly in APAC countries like India where QR code technology has been a dominant part of the financial landscape with QR Code UPI and a unified QR Code. Digital platforms, including PayTM, Google Pay and Bharat UPI, BharatQR, PhonePe, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay have been operating in India for many years.

As with fintech apps in India, the Ziksu app enables customers to manage transactions through their mobile device, including entering a PIN. Ziksu’s innovative instore digital payment product is the first of its kind to offer a third method of payment in store in Australia for 40 years.

The Ziksu platform incorporates QR code technology through its ‘Scan n Pay’ product and contactless mobile payment services with a digital transaction account and real-time funds settlement. It operates with the scope of Anti Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Funding (AML/CTF) regulations and compliance.

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‘Scan n Pay’ is 100 percent mobile and user-friendly, operating on any Android or iOS mobile device via the Ziksu app and is the first of its kind to utilise the New Payments Platform (NPP) whose original shareholder is the Reserve Bank of Australia. It enables the user to send and receive money through the app and has been developed as per the NPP QR Code Standard to support a consistent payment experience.

Consumers will also enjoy QR codes with no delays or wait times, additional budgeting tools, instant digital transactions as well as a digital transaction account with a BSB and account number. The platform has also been recognised with an international award as the Most Innovative Contactless Payment Solution (APAC) 2022 just one year after its launch.

Along with PayID, Ziksu also plans to incorporate PayTo technology into its platform, which will further enhance its product-offering by providing a 360-degree view of all finances on one digital platform. Ziksu has a global outlook and is on track to realising its strategic plan, and is developing a third product, which is expected to be taken to the international market in early 2023.

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