Sonia Rathee Broken-But-Beautiful

Sonia Rathee will be seen opposite actor Harshvardhan Rane in a film being produced by John Abraham titled Tara Vs Bilal. Sonia Rathee has acted in numerous TV shows and web series.

Her last appearance with Ekta Kapoor in Broken But Beautiful received mixed response. While some appreciated its hot chemistry between the two leads – Siddharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee, other bagged it for being bland and crass offering no progression in soul-mating. In their view, it was all focused-on body-mating without justifying why the characters played by the two leads were, the way they were.

Broken But Beautiful 3, as you can probably guess from the title, is about unrequited love. However, instead of exploring the beauty of it, the web series showcases a toxic relationship between its leads Agastya (Sidharth Shukla) and Rumi (Sonia Rathee). Agastya is a bully, an alcoholic theatre director, and a foul-mouthed hothead. Rumi is a spoilt rich brat who has only one purpose in life: to get her childhood crush Ishaan (Ehan Bhatt) to love her. She showers expletives at women in Ishaan’s life, and for her, every girl who comes close to him is a b****. When the worlds of these flawed beings collide, you expect some fireworks to happen, but a poorly written script comes between them wrote Arushi Jain, a critic reviewing the web series for the Indian Express.

On a personal level, Sonia says her journey in the industry so far has been smooth and is apprehensive that her biggest struggles may lay ahead when her grit and steely resolve may be put to test.

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Having come from America, Sonia has been portrayed on the internet as someone who studied at Princeton University, worked as a production designer, and then as a makeup artist before delving into acting. All that is not true, according to a story in Hindustan Times.

“I always wanted to be an actress, since I was a kid. But then we all grew up and we went to college and we were like ‘oh this is reality, maybe I should be in finance.’ So that’s what I did. I did finance and marketing, and I got a job in New York. I did that for one year, and then I was getting bored at work so I started taking acting classes. I started my own dance company. And then I quit my job one fine day. My mom and dad were like ‘we are not gonna let you go to India until you are able to get a full-time career in New York.’ So I got a full-time career in New York and then I came here.”

Fortunately, Sonia entered the entertainment industry at the right time as there were plenty of opportunities with OTT getting popular in India. It is not surprising that Sonia was getting a lot of auditions and she was able to get Broken But Beautiful and Decoupled within the first year of arriving in India.

“So for me, it’s been like a very smooth journey. I haven’t faced that as much”, she says.

Fully cognizant of the issues girls face in Bollywood, Sonia believes her biggest challenges are yet to come. But she confesses the bigger problem for her so far has been to adjust to living in India where people live in an entirely different world and thus have a “do not give a damn about anything lifestyle” – “like totally tension free”.

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