OnlyFans Model Audrey Aura

Audrey Aura is 24 year old plus-size top 0.4% OnlyFans Model, who is the sole income earner in her household, supporting her husband and her young son, who both have autism. Audrey opens up about the dynamic of the family.

“The first thing people ask me when they find out I’m married and have an OnlyFans, is what my husband thinks. He has truly been 100% supportive since the very beginning, supported me and encouraged me when I first mentioned my interest in the career, and has not had any issues since. It’s unfortunate that people are shocked by this information, stating that they wish their partners were just as understanding and supportive.”  Audrey explains.

Prior to creating a profile on the subscription site in March 2020, Audrey was working in administration, bringing home an average of $600 per week. Now, only 2 years after making the decision to start an OnlyFans, she is making up to $10,000 AUD per week.


Audrey has been transparent about the fact that her husband and son are on the Autism Spectrum, and that her career allows her to be the sole income earner, which has taken a weight off their families shoulders.

“Many Autistic people struggle to function in employment, mostly because of employers misunderstanding and inability to accomodate their needs, and this can cause incredible distress on Autistic people and their families. I’m so thankful that I am able to provide for my family, and my husband can focus on his wellbeing, while maintaining the house and doing the school runs.” Audrey says.

When asked about whether her husband ever gets jealous or feels uncomfortable, Audrey comments, “My husband knows that this is a business before anything else. He respects my job, and understands that I am a different person online than I am at home. We set boundaries together when I first started, based on what we were both comfortable with, and we have continued to uphold those boundaries ever since.”

Audrey Aura is set to launch ‘The OnlyHustle: Ultimate Masterclass‘, an intensive course on everything there is to know about being successful on OnlyFans, in May 2022. The masterclass includes 12 Modules & 65 Lessons. It is the first coaching of it’s kind, covering everything from the basics of the trade, to the insider secrets, not leaving any small detail out. VIP packages and monthly payment plans will also be available.


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