FIAV COVID AID to India in the hour of need

As India grapples with its COVID crisis, the Indian diaspora all over the world is chipping in with help – sending COVID essentials to India. In Australia FIAV has shown leadership and led the way by sending a big lot of 8 containers of essential COVID AID including – Face Masks, KN95 Respirators and Sanitizing Sprays.

 “Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria in collaboration with Chemist Warehouse has organised Covid-19 relief resources for India. This sourcing has been done through SoftMed. FIAV is pleased to announce the donations of approximately 5 million covid-19 relief materials that includes Face Masks, KN95 Respirators, and Sanitising Sprays. In total, 8 containers of aid is being sent to India on 7th May, 2021”, the FIAV told Bharat Times.

Dinesh Malhotra of Bharat Times speaks to Pritom Dutta and Sanchita Abrol

This has been the result of the FIAV Executive committee led by two key people – Pritom Dutta, Secretary FIAV and his assistant Sanchita Abrol who has worked in the relevant areas and has extensive connectivity which proved of immense help in organizing this humongous effort.

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“We have partnered with an Indian based NGO, Sakshi (, to ensure that these resources reach the most vulnerable in India”, Pritom Dutta said.

“FIAV is working closely with our Partner NGO in India to enhance outreach through it’s association with many small organisations in India to put in place appropriate distribution channels and due diligence protocols”, added Sanchita Abrol.

This giant effort sending COVID AID by the FIAV has been assisted and facilitated by the Government of India, many corporate actors, both here in Australia and in India, in providing logistical support.

“We as the concerned locals of Indian origin hope that these critical resources will help the people of India. Our prayers are with them” they both said.

Ms Abrol told Bharat Times there is more COVID AID for India in the pipeline and the FIAV may soon make the announcement.

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