Vinod Bansal VHP on post election violence in Bengal

Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has released a statement (by Vinod Bansal), on post election violence in Bengal and pleaded for the safety and safe return of those Bengalis who have fled to neighboring states seeking shelter. The statement reads as follows:

The Central Secretary General of Vishva Hindu Parishad, Sri Milind Parande today said that unfortunately the Hindu society has been at the receiving end of the brutal and gruesome political violence that started in West Bengal on May 02! More than 3500 villages and over 40-thousand Hindus, including our SC & ST brethren in great numbers, are badly affected by the violence. There have been brutal atrocities on women at many places. Standing crops have been destroyed. Shops and houses have been destroyed. The fish ponds of the pisciculturists have been poisoned. Now groups of goons are forcibly collecting protection-money from the victims and other terrorized Hindus with phony promises to spare them from further lootings and assaults. The footprints and signatures of Islamic Jihadists are overly obvious in all these incidents and patterns.

The attitudes of the state government and the administration on these gruesome and brutal violence that have been going on for so many days, appear to be completely indifferent and despicable. There is an atmosphere of fear in the society. Due to this fear & non-co-operation of the local police, victim’s complaints/Cases are not being registered. In view of this attitude, the Vishva Hindu Parishad requests judiciary to take suo motu cognizance of the situation in public interest to protect citizens and give strict directions to the state government and the local administration to perform their primary duties of ensuring law & order in the State! The rioters must be arrested at the earliest and given exemplary punishment. At the same time, the state government should fast-track the mechanism to protect the Hindu society, compensate for the loss of life and property of the victims and rehabilitate them.

At many places, important documents like the Voter Cards, Aadhar Cards and Ration Cards, etc., have also been snatched away from Hindus. The same must be retrieved and returned to the victims, and the false cases lodged against the victims of violence should be quashed. It is our request that the Hon’ble Court of Law ought to consider all these matters in a comprehensive manner and ensure justice for the victims in this time of crisis.

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The VHP and other organizations are surely engaged in arranging food and other services for the victimised Hindu society that has been forced to live a life of humiliation like refugees in its own state. But, this is a huge task, for which, we call upon the entire Hindu society to come forward with all kinds of support and heartening words to stand by those brethren who have fallen victim to an agenda-led man-made disaster.

We also ask the state government that rising above petty politics, it should curb, with an iron hand, the abominable atrocities being perpetrated by local criminals and Jihadi elements, take steps to protect Hindus and make proper arrangements for rehabilitation of the victims. The Vishva Hindu Parishad stands firmly with the entire Hindu society in West Bengal.

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