Sushant's Point in Werribee Mansion Park

As a tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput, who tragically lost his life in June 2020, Celebrate India has arranged a permanent abode to the memories of our beloved Sushant singh Rajput. Now formally launched, “Sushant’s Point” – is housed in Werribee Mansion, in Werribee Gardens in Werribee, Melbourne’s West in Victoria. Built for the Chirnside family from Scotland, Werribee Mansion is a historical building in Werribee Gardens built in 1877.

Sushant’s Point
Housed right in front of the historical Werribee Mansion, Sushant now has a permanent Seat dedicated to him along with a garden patch of 85 trees donated by Celebrate India and providing “company” to Sushant’s memories. A tree planted right behind the seat – is already more than 7 feet tall.

Sushant's Point Seat
Sushant’s Point Seat

To launch Sushant’s Point in Melbourne many families led by Mr and Mrs Arun Sharma and Dr Virendra Berera of Celebrate India braved the rain and windy weather and gathered at Werribee Mansion on Sunday 21 March.

Launching the memorial Mr Sharma explained how Sushant in his short career of 34 years and only 10 movies had touched millions of hears all over the world. His very affable and endearing persona not only as an actor but also as an ardent astrophysicist, scholar, humanitarian and a good soul will remain with all of us for many years to come, Mr Sharma said.

“On 14 June last year, we tragically lost a bright, young and extremely actor Sushant who touched our hearts. He was a conservationist and now his memory has a ‘permanent home’ – Sushant’s Point – in this historical Werribee Park Mansion gardens in Melbourne”, Mr Sharma proudly added.

Also speaking on the occasion Dharmendra Patel of Aussizz Migration reminisced how he passionately followed Sushant and thanked Celebrate India for making him part of the project.

Parks Victoria has played a major role in making this happen and were very welcoming of this idea.

Adam Smith Senior Horticulturist at Werribee Park, speaking on the occasion said how Park Victoria was very happy to be part of the project. He explained how Parks Victoria were more than happy to provide that important spot for Sushant’s Point and decided to clear some parts of growth surrounding Sushant’s seat to make way for Sushant’s Seat and plants donated by the group.

Launch of Sushant's Point 21 March 2021
Launch of Sushant’s Point 21 March 2021

Sushant Singh Rajput now has a permanent ‘home’ in Melbourne, thanks to the visionary team of Celebrate Indian Inc. This is perhaps the best tribute in the world to the late actor, which cannot be superseded but only matched by his family, friends and fans anywhere in the world.

If you are planning a visit to Melbourne, for Sushant, please make time to visit Werribee Mansion and go and spend a few moments with Sushant, at Sushant’s Point in Melbourne.

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