India to Australia flights in January 2021

Are you worried about your loved ones who are stuck in India and cannot find a flight to Australia? If the answer to that question is YES, then there is good news for you and your loved ones. Three flights are being organized to bring those stuck in India to Australia. The flights are scheduled to fly out of Chennai on 14 January, 21 January and 28 January and will arrive in Perth.

Sai Sharnam Pty Ltd T/A Australia India Repatriation Flights (AIRF) is the group behind these 3 private charter flights from Chennai to Perth to help Aussies stuck in India to get back home. The Australian government is looking into all the formalities of approval processes for these flights.

Those Australians who are stuck in India should not only check with people in India for any eligibility issues in India but also should check the requirements in Western Australia, Perth for quarantine and other issues. There may be border restrictions in place for Indians coming to Perth and then taking flights to other states.

The Australian High Commissioner in Delhi Barry O’Farrell tweeted confirming the arrangement and the position of the Australian government in helping to facilitate (not endorse) the arrangement of these flights.

Barry O’Farrell AO


The India to Australia group will run private charter from #Chennai to #Perth on 14, 21 & 28 January. We are not in a position to endorse, but will help facilitate the through the various approval processes. Tickets to go on sale at 3pm IST today: (1/2)

Make sure you are eligible to travel into Australia at this time: The government of Western Australia has implemented paid quarantine arrangements, details available publications/paying-hotel-quarantine-wa-frequently-asked-questions (2/2)


The same group has earlier organised 4 flights from India to Australia between 5 May and 1st August 2020, earlier this year.

Previous flights by the same people

  • Delhi to Sydney – 5th May 2020 – Airline – Singapore
  • Chennai to Brisbane – 26th June 2020 – Airline – Singapore
  • Mumbai to Adelaide – 26th June 2020 – Airline – Singapore
  • Delhi to Adelaide  – 1st August 2020 – Airline – Malaysian

This time they have engaged Garuda Indonesia Airlines of Indonesia.

Who can fly? Visa categories
Australia Citizens and Permanent Residents of Australia are able to book the flight.

Other visa class holders will need appropriate exemption provided by Department of Home Affairs, Australia to be eligible to take this flight.

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COVID-19 Test requirements
It is mandatory to undertake COVID-19 test with-in 72 hours before departure and must provide an evidence of negative COVID-19 test to be able to board the flight.

Limited seats due to social distancing cap restrictions
There are only limited seats available on these flights due to cap restrictions imposed by the Australian Authorities and hence you should book the seats promptly. Priority for booking will be given to vulnerable people registered with Australian High Commission in India

January 2021 Flights
1) 14th January – Chennai to Perth
2) 21st January – Chennai to Perth
3) 28th January – Chennai to Perth

Non-stop flight to Perth
There will be only a technical halt for refuelling for 1 hr approx. in Jakarta, Passengers will stay inside the plane and will not be allowed to disembark the plane at Jakarta.

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