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‘I’ve been replaced as hero’s wife didn’t want me in the film’

Sushant Singh Rajput tragic demise seems to be getting shifted to the back pages or off the priority list when it comes to Bollywood. Post COVID-19 with India opening up – Bollywood is also getting back to its work. And so are the traditional tabloids, gossip columns and weeklies in addition to the digital brigade covering anything and everything Bollywood. Actress Taapsee Pannu has done an interview with Filmfare, a Bollywood gossip and news covering magazine which is being widely covered as ‘Taapsee opening her heart out discussing her struggles in Bollywood’.

Having read it, I believe it is a load of crap as she vomits out a whole load of doctored and prepared garbage which will find its way into the empty spaces thanks to the SSR tragedy and COVID-19 lockdowns.

Shooting for her upcoming film Rashmi Rocket in Gujarat, Taapsee Pannu spoke to Filmfare and ‘revealed about the struggles she faced during her initial days in the film industry’.

You know the usual attention seeking stuff the girls talk about generally. I am cynical particularly because the stuff she talks about does not suit her persona at all. She would not have taken any of it if it had happened to her. Read on:

“I’ve been replaced because the hero’s wife didn’t want me to be part of the film,” Taapsee stated.

Two questions:
Will a tough girl like Taapsee take it quietly? 

Why did she not name the film or the hero in the interview?

Read on.

“I was dubbing for one of my films and I was told that the hero didn’t like my dialogue so I should change it. When I refused to change it, they got a dubbing artiste to do it behind my back Taapsee said in the interview.

She had the guts back then in her struggle days to refuse to change the dialogue, but she chickens out and again does not want to name the film or the hero.

Perhaps, if it really happened and she took it as part of the journey in Bollywood, why complain now?

Also when people were making accusations of similar practices in Bollywood of the back of Sushant Singh Rajput CBI probe demand, she took a very different position.

Is it not double standards?

Or is it the PR that Bollywood has planned – throwing some starlets into the media to bring about some sort of normalcy so that the fans can be fooled ?

 There was a time when I was told the hero’s previous film didn’t work, so you slash your price because we need to control the budget.

 There was some hero who wanted my introduction scene changed because he felt it would overpower his introduction scene.

“These are the things that have happened in front of me, I don’t know what’s happened behind my back. I decided that from now on, I will only take up films that will make me genuinely happy to go to work” Taapsee added.

Giving the impression that the interview was more of a studied PR well guided by the Bollywood spin doctors, Taapsee – a girl showing guts – to make her own career and space in Bollywood – even when she was struggling and was advised against it she “decided that from now on” to “take up films that will make me genuinely happy to go to work”.

But poor girl – did not name anyone – nor any film to lend a hand of truth.

The rest of the interview was more of an oft repeated PR script – singing praises of Shah Rukh Khan and big banners.

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Weird-speak about ‘BIG B’
The only thing odd and thus real in the whole script was Taapsee not treating Amitabh Bachchan like a ‘demi-god’.

“I’ve switched off the button in my head that he is the Amitabh Bachchan. I treat him like any other young co-star, be it Vicky Kaushal or Varun Dhawan. I don’t treat him like a demi-god,” said Taapsee about Amitabh Bachchan.

That baffled me, honestly.

And if I were to believe everything Taapsee has said in the interview, why has she chosen to support such malpractices in Bollywood by deliberately keeping all the allegations anonymous..?

You want to make your story a sob story to get sympathy and coverage and not expose the perpetrators..? Why?

So much of Taapsee Pannu interview!

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