Emma Alberici - quits the ABC

ABC’s chief economics correspondent, Emma Alberici, has confirmed her departure from the broadcaster after 18 years. Emma, most remembered for hosting the ABC’s highly rated late night program – Lateline, had earlier also worked for The 7.30 Report of the ABC. The program – Lateline was taken off air in 2017 and Emma was made the ABC’s Chief Economics Correspondent.

Prior to moving to the ABC, Emma had worked at Channel Nine Network where she was a reporter and producer with A Current Affair .

While working at the ABC, in 2018 Emma was accused of making gross errors in two articles she did on the Australian Taxation – particularly on the then government’s planned corporate tax cuts. There were allegations of editorial interference by the then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and she was accused of not keeping the protocol of editorial scrutiny,

On the outer side, Prime Minister Turnbull was accused of calling up the ABC news director Gavin Morris to point out the errors Emma had made in her two articles. Mr Turnbull has vigorously denied calling up Gavin Morris while it is on record that the errors were pointed to and later admitted by the ABC.

A legal battle ensued between Emma and the management. The battle came to an end yesterday when the ABC and Emma Alberici reached an agreement.

Confirming her departure in a series of tweets Emma wrote:

“It is true that the ABC & I reached an agreement yesterday,” she tweeted.

“After 18 years of loyal service, including as one of the country’s first mother foreign correspondents (with 3 kids under 3) I am no longer employed by them.”

Alberici said it would be “too painful” to remain in the public eye following a legal battle involving ABC news director Gaven Morris.

Emma was offered work in the ABC’s program Foreign Correspondent. To accept any offers of work, Emma wanted the ABC news director Gaven Morris to issue a statement confirming she had NOT failed as the ABC’s Chief Economics Correspondent. He refused to do so.

She wrote:

But despite offers to do so, I refused to go to @ForeignOfficial full time unless @gavmorris agreed to issue a press release or similar making it clear that I had not failed in the role of Chief Economics Correspondent. He refused to do that ¾

 Instead, I was shocked to be nominated as redundant. The reason we haggled for days with the Fair Work Commission DP is that @gavmorris refused to allow my payout to be called “damages” 4/4

Emma recently had tweeted a clip from PM Scott Morrison’s exchange with John Howard biographer and now Ten’s political reporter Peter Van Onselen discussing the possibility of the PM following the NZ PM to take a voluntary pay cut in these tough times. She tweeted:

Jacinda Ardern took a 20% COVID pay cut but OUR PM says: yeah, I’m paid more than $540k but nah, I’m doing such a good job, you should all just be happy I’m here … (not the exact quote, but close)

Emma further wrote:

I do not seek a job in the media. Now is the time for me to look after myself and my family. Thank you for the kind sentiments on here. I read everything even if I don’t have the time to answer them all.

Only regret I have from my 18 years at the ABC, is that I didn’t get a chance to say a proper goodbye to the colleagues who have become dear friends. Almost all the high profile names you know have supported me offline. They all do fantastic work under difficult circumstances.

Emma has not been made any offers and she says she will no longer be on TV & will not accept any role if it’s offered.

Emma will be sorely missed.

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