Rhea Mahesh Bhatt WhatsApp chat

The Indian publication India Today has managed to exclusively access chats between Rhea Chakraborty and Mahesh Bhatt, the day she left Sushant Singh Rajput’s residence., June 8 2020. That was exactly a week before the actor was found dead in his Bandra apartment.

Sources in agencies probing the Sushant Singh Rajput death case have exclusively revealed to India Today that after leaving Sushant’s residence on June 8, Rhea Chakraborty had messaged filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt saying, “Aisha moves on..sir..with a heavy heart and sense of relief (sic).” The message shared on WhatsApp further reads, “Our last call was a wake up call. You are my angel You were then And you are now (sic).”

Rhea played the character of Aisha in Mahesh Bhatt’s movie and that is the reference used in the chat.

Bhatt the chat shows, replied to the message saying, “Dont look back. Make it possible what is inevitable. My love to your father . He will be a happy man (sic).”‘
Rhea then messaged responded saying, “Have found some courage,and what you said about my dad tht day on the phone pushed me to be strong for him. He sends you love and thanks you for always being so special (sic).”

Bhatt further messaged, “You are my child. I feel light”.

Rhea then replied “Aaaah no words sir. The best emotions i feel i feel for u” .

Mahesh Bhatt messaged  back saying “Thank u for being brave (sic).”

Rhea wrote: “Not for a film but something very different. Every word you have said echoes in me and fee a deep impact of your unconditional love”.

Mahesh Bhatt replies: “yes yes yes !!!! If I am of no use to you my existence is worthless”


Further in the conversation, Rhea wrote to Bhatt saying, “You ve again unclipped my wings, twice in one life is almost God like (sic).”

Rhea also shared emojis of a rainbow and a dancing girl expressing her happiness.


While the chat makes it axiomatic that Rhea chose to leave and the time and date of her leaving was her choice – born upon by Mahesh Bhatt and perhaps also her father, Rhea in her statement to the agencies and the police has maintained that it was Sushant who asked her to leave.

It is noteworthy that the funds from Sushant’s account are reported to have been siphoned off well before this date of June 8 – the date Rhea decided to leave.


Now that CBI has come into the picture to probe Sushant’s death, this chat transcript will play a crucial part in that investigation as the 8 June conversation between Rhea and Sushant – be it fight or cordial will be closely scanned by the CBI sleuths.  Needless to say these messages raise questions about the authenticity of her statements given to the police and the agencies.


In many ways, this chat with Mahesh Bhatt also contradicts Rhea Chakraborty’s statement released through her lawyer, Satish Maneshinde. It said, “Sushant had been calling his family, informing them of his decision to move out of Mumbai and requesting them to come to meet him. After several days of Sushant calling and crying over the phone, his sister Meethu agreed to come live with him on 8th of June 2020. Due to this development, Sushant requested Rhea to live with her parents for the time being. Rhea had been suffering from her own anxiety issues and often endured panic attacks. Sushant’s conduct also aggravated these conditions. Even though Rhea was desirous of seeing her family, she was not at all comfortable with leaving Sushant. The very same day,8th June 2020, Rhea had arranged to have a therapy session of her own with Dr Susan Walker and requested Sushant if she could leave after the session. However, Sushant told her to leave immediately before his sister Meethu arrived. Thus Rhea reluctantly left and informed Sushant to let her or her brother know about anything he required or in case he needed to talk.”

It now depends how CBI handles the probe. All eyes are not set on the CBI sleuths who have already landed in Mumbai.

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