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The first time below 200 new cases in almost a week, Victoria recorded only 177 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, much to the relief of state’s Chief Health Officer, Professor Brett Sutton.  daily infections have fallen below 200.

Victoria had recorded 288 infections last Friday, followed by 216 on Saturday and 273 on Sunday. Considered in that light the figure of 177 looks prettier and this was not lost on Prof Sutton when he addressed the media this morning.

Chief health officer Brett Sutton said it offered room for a small bit of optimism” – but added there is no room for complacency. He said earlier Victoria had done everything it could to fight the virus but still had to go back into stage 3 lockdown.

“It’s great it’s lower than our peak. But it may not be our peak yet,” he said.

“I would like to see a week of decreasing numbers before I come and say I have greater confidence about the direction we’re going in.”

Premier Daniel Andrews praised Victorians saying they were clearly changing their behaviour as the Melbourne-wide lockdown of five million people neared the end of its first week.

“We’re seeing lots of places that would normally be hosting large numbers of people, we’re seeing very small numbers out and about,” he said.

“That says to me, plus … the actual data, we’re seeing people change their behaviour significantly. That’s what being on the front line is all about, everyone making a contribution for you, for your family, for your community, for every family and the entire state.”

Medical experts exhort people to take the second wave seriously, as the state is witnessing the number of confirmed cases and deaths continuing to rise.

 “The message is the same for everybody. Do your part. Stop the spread,” deputy chief medical officer Michael Kidd said.

On Sunday, a Victorian man in his 70s died of COVID-19 and that took the national toll to 108.

According to the government, as of July 13, Victoria’s COVID-19 cases’ links breakdown is as below:

Name of the Institution/Business Infections linked
 La Manna supermarket outbreak in Essendon 6 cases
 Somerville Meats, in Tottenham – 12 cases 12 cases
 Riverina Apartments construction site in Footscray 8 cases
 Menarock Life aged care, Essendon 26 cases
 Glendale aged care facility, Werribee 13 cases
 Al-Taqwa College outbreak, Truganina 144 cases
 Japara Central Park aged care in Windsor 2 cases

While Victoria is grappling with its own ongoing crisis Sydney could be on the brink of a similar worrying outbreak with the outbreak at the Crossroads Hotel in Casula, in south-western Sydney recording 13 confirmed and another pub in the area also closed after someone who visited both venues has tested positive for the virus.

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