Northcote, May 6: “Australia is a land that gets expats from all over the world and the most important thing that expats seek in a foreign land is familiar people who they can connect and relate to,” Sharad Pandey of UPBP Event Organizing Team explained, talking to Bharat Times.

UPBP is a Forum of Uttar Pradesh Business and Professionals in Australia, with a view to bring together not only the businesses and professionals’ community of UP but also their families and friends.

When it comes to expats from India, they come from very diverse cultural settings and connectivity is ensured through their regional languages, culture and food.


Cultural program at inaugural UPBP event

Set up recently, the UPBP organised an inaugural event on April 28 at Maharaja Palace in Northcote where the UP community, businesses and families gathered for the first time to know and mingle with each other.

UP origin business owners, professionals and families from all over Melbourne participated in the afternoon event and appreciated the efforts to establish this platform.

The organisation aims to provide a networking platform for the community to learn, support and grow with each other as a family and engage its youth in the cultural tradition of Uttar Pradesh.

Ears for music? watch out for next UPBP event

Through this platform the organisation also wish to support the community by providing mentoring, bridging social gaps, strengthening cultural roots and nurturing each other socially, professionally and intellectually.

Ramakrishna VenuGopal

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