Melbourne, November 5: Masuri, the world’s leading manufacturer of cricket helmets is campaigning for greater usage of StemGuard.

StemGuard is one of the most innovative products available for all cricketers and adds an important layer of protection for the head and neck region. 

“As was stated in the recent findings handed down by the State Coroner, attempts have ‘been made to design and manufacture a neck guard’ which offers more protection ‘for batsmen hit below the coverage of the helmet on the back and sides of the head and neck’. 

“Safety of all players is of critical importance, the StemGuard was a direct response to the tragic events that resulted in the loss of Phillip’s life.

“To be clear whilst there is no independent standard for neck protection to refer to, Masuri has tested the StemGuard using globally recognised test methodologies for products that are designed for absorbing impacts”, said Sam Miller, Managing Director, The Masuri Group.

The same test methodology is used for cricket helmets, bike helmets, motorcycle helmets and motorcycle back and spine protectors.

The variable between these tests are the forces used, a motorcycle helmet is tested using significantly more force than a bike helmet.

Masuri have used the same forces required by a cricket helmet shell for testing the StemGuard and the results show that it absorbs more than four times the amount of force required by a cricket helmet shell to be considered compliant with the latest safety standards.

Masuri StemGuard helmet
Masuri StemGuard helmet

Miller added that, “whilst complete protection can never be claimed for any protective item, there can be no question that the Masuri StemGuard provides additional protection for the region of the head and neck that it has been designed to protect.”

The StemGuard is a clip-on attachment to helmets that provides additional protection for the vulnerable area at the back of a batsman or batswoman’s head and neck.

This clip-on guard is a combination of military grade crush foam and an impact modified TPE material that combine to maximise impact absorption while remaining flexible for comfort.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the International Cricket Council and Cricket Australia to develop and then publish a global independent safety standard for neck protection.

“This process should now be considered a priority so as to ensure those cricketers who choose to wear neck protection are afforded an acceptable level of protection”, said Miller.

In April of this year, Sri Lankan Test player Kaushal Silva was struck with force on the back of the head while fielding at short leg.

The ball struck Silva’s StemGuard and he openly credited the StemGuard as having saved him from a far more serious injury.

Masuri has termed it “sensible” that the State Coroner’s report encouraged the continued use of protective head and neck guard equipment.

“For our part we will continue to ensure due diligence is carried out on all of our protective products”, concluded Miller.

Masuri have also recently released a new piece of equipment that ensures the neck protector can’t un-clip from the helmet, possibly falling onto the stumps, leading to a dismissal.

These StemGuard ties will be issued to all professional teams, as early as next week.

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