Sydney, July 11: Married GP, Nauman Zafar Khan, 41, of Pakistan descent used confidential records to send 120 text messages in one day to a female patient, 20, telling her he was ‘ready for her’ – and begged eight others for sex while his wife was overseas.

A tribunal has heard that the doctor looking for a ‘sexual companion’ while his wife was overseas. He told his patients that he was miserable since his wife was in Pakistan.

In July 2015, the Newcastle GP told his 20 year old patient that he had ‘unconditional love’ and was ‘ready’ for her.

A complaint was lodged with The Health Care Complaints Commission, which heard Khan’s 20 year old patient felt ‘frightened’.

A patient of anxiety and depression Khan’s messages were perceived as ‘forceful and persistent’ by the young woman.

On another occasion, he also turned up at another woman’s home with his ‘shirt half undone’. The woman, 44, had earlier been a victim of sexual assault.

Khan’s registration as a doctor was suspended in October 2015 by Medical Council of NSW. Khan appealed this decision at the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which refused Khan’s application, Friday.

Khan’s 44 year old victim told the Tribunal the Khan wanted her to be his sexual companion and Skype was not sufficient for his contact with his wife, in Pakistan.

Another woman said Khan used her ‘vulnerability’ to cause an affair and then suddenly stopped messaging her.

“I have been very disturbed by [Khan’s] contact… I had been having a terrible six months and he knew all my problems.”

Dr Samuels, a psychiatrist who assessed Khan believed the risk of him repeating his behaviour if his suspension was lifted was “extremely high”.

“…there was a clear pattern of predatory behaviour with selective targeting of several extremely vulnerable, young women.”

Acting Judge Francis Marks described his behaviour as “appalling and disgusting”, the SMH reported.

“This is clearly symptomatic of predatory conduct on the part of the appellant without any concern for the impact of his behaviour on any of these persons,” he said.

“He has acted with wanton disregard for the wellbeing of these persons, who … he knew to be vulnerable,” Judge Marks said.

Copy link to paste in your messageKhan’s wife and son are in Pakistan since June 2015.

Nidhi Mehta

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