Ekta Kapoor tweets a glimpse of Tusshar Kapoor’s son Laksshya

Mumbai, July 6: Tusshar Kapoor, who was last seen in the movie MASTIZAADE, recently became father to a baby boy.

The unmarried actor fathered the new born through surrogacy using IVF.

Tusshar is quite elated after turning a single parent at the age of 40. Tusshar has named his baby Laksshya Kapoor and even said that his baby son looks exactly like him…

As the Kapoor household went on cloud 9 with the new member in the family, sister Ekta Kapoor went ahead and tweeted an uber-cute snap of the baby along with Daddy Jeetendra and captioned it: And here baby #LaksshyaKapoor! @TusshKapoor

Jeetendra with grandsonWhile the cute baby will melt your heart, new father Tusshar has been overwhelmed with comments that his decision to become a single father will never earn the same respect as a Single Mother!

So much to India’s gender equality albeit through the converse prism!

Some commentators have called for respect for Tusshar Kapoor for choosing to become a single dad at 40 using IVF and surrogacy.

They have hailed Tushaar’s choice as an ‘informed life choice to parenthood’ and not necessary linked to marriage and women alone.

Demonstrating an extraordinary determination to become a single dad, yet Tushaar faced a volley of traditional arguments against single parenthood, especially for being a man. Women however, today receive appreciation for such a choice.

What could be termed as a shocking reverse sexism, this attitude reeks of stereotyped mothers as eternally sacrificial for her family while the father being a perpetrator of violence and being slipshod to his family.

“Was biology the sole preserve of only one sex – and by constantly harping on the greatness and good fortune of being a mother were we not restricting our own gender roles to a suffocating, single square hole – that in a way was inversely dependent on male validation and societal approval?” writes Sreemoye Piu Kundu.

“Is it therefore fair to judge Tusshar Kapoor because he chose to continue with his own genes, rather than chose adoption”?

Many in Bollywood fraternity have chosen to go the surrogacy way, including Aamir Khan and wife Kiran, as also did SRK, with his third child.

Why should then parenthood through surrogacy be limited to them? Oh well because they are married!

But then, is it not better that Tushaar chooses to avoid marriage, if that is not suitable for him and become a father in a respectable way?

We now have to relieve ourselves of the heavy patriarchal appearance to birthing in India, which believes that women have the inherent understanding of motherhood.

In this age of nuclear families – some Fathers are very good Mothers as well.

Nidhi Mehta

Images by Yogen Shah

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