Melbourne, June 18: Avoid oil-based products and heavy make-up and make sure you apply astringent or a toner every night before sleeping during the monsoon season, says an expert.

Here are some tips by Swati Deogire, Myntra Fashion Stylist, to be monsoon-smart.

* Skin: Keep your skin clean and clear using a foamy cleanser or a face wash with microgranules. Since rains bring with moisture that causes break outs, make sure you apply astringent or a toner every night before sleeping.

In case you are battling acne try applying ice on your face, as it’s one of the most popular ways to minimise the appearance of pores and lends a natural glow to the skin.

* Make-up: The rule of thumb is to avoid oil-based products and heavy make-up in general. Stick to waterproof or a gel-based eyeliner during this season.

Lip glosses tend to smear and run through the lines when moisture levels are high, so opt for a matte lip colour. Mineral-based foundations and water-based products are the best bet for the season.

* Hair: The humidity in the air can have an adverse effect on your hair. If you have not been oiling your hair because of the humidity, it is time to bust that myth. A scalp massage with little oil or serum only does the best for your hair in all seasons.

Anti-frizz serums and hair products are a great way to keep your hair looking nice. You may keep your hair tied in a messy ponytail, a fish braid or a ballerina bun.

* Shoes and bags: During the monsoon season avoid leather and go for canvas bags as they will dry easily in case they get wet.

Same goes for your favourite leather footwear. If you want them to last a few seasons we suggest you keep them locked safely at home and step out in a pair of gum boots instead. They come in a variety of prints and colours and they are high up on the style quotient as well.

* Clothes: Now, this is the season where you need your clothes to dry as quickly as possible and that is where synthetics and sheers pay off.

Also with Melbourne Winter, stick to water-proof or heavy coats this chilly monsoon.

feature image – Lucy, 36 year old mum in a Millers’ Jacket featured in Autumn / Winter Millers LookBook 2016  catalogue. The Jacket is labelled at $60AUD

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