The federal election has been announced and Australians must act now to ensure they are enrolled by the deadline of 8pm on 23 May 2016.

Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers said all Australian citizens aged 18 years and over are required by law to enrol and vote in the 2 July federal election.

“Enrolling and voting is compulsory. If you are not enrolled, you can’t vote in the 2016 federal election,” Mr Rogers said.

“You can enrol conveniently online on your computer, tablet or smartphone.”

Mr Rogers also urged all Australians, especially those who have moved in the last three years, to immediately check that their details were up to date on the electoral roll.

“If you’re not sure that you are correctly enrolled to vote, you can check online or, if you need help, call us on 13 23 26.”

“If you’re on the roll but moved since the last election, or changed your name, you need to update your enrolment details online.

Australians unable to go online can pick up a paper enrolment form at any AEC office or Australia Post outlet, however, correctly completed applications must be returned to the AEC by the 8pm 23 May close of rolls deadline.

Seventeen year old Australians turning eighteen years of age on or before 2 July 2016 should also enrol and vote in the federal election.

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