VCE students worried

With Victorian schools having gone online, their regular mode of teaching totally disrupted, VCE students are worried about their VCE 2020 results. Victorian educational institution TSFX has surveyed over 3,500 current VCE students to gauge their feelings on home learning and its effects on their 2020 studies.

97% of students are concerned that they don’t know how they will be assessed, and when, in 2020.

93% of students believe their VCE has been negatively impacted by effects of COVID-19.

88% of students are concerned their school ranking will drop because of cheating in the SACs that are completed remotely.

86% of students have lost their motivation to study.

85% of students learned more in a classroom setting than in home learning.

78% of students think it is unfair to calculate the ATAR using Year 11 marks.

79% of students believe their mental health has been affected by COVID-19.

67% of students would just like to go back to school.

“VCE students are desperate for their voices to be heard. They want Premier Daniel Andrews to hear them and clearly communicate the decisions being made about their future”, TSFX director Irena Jaskula said.

“Schools and teachers are doing a great job with home learning, but it’s not enough. There is no comparable substitute to classroom instruction”, she added.

These survey results show that students are very concerned about the effect of COVID-19 and home learning on their VCE results.  They want to go back to school, they want to complete their VCE in the usual timeframe and, more importantly, they need decisions to be made so they know where they stand in relation to pending assessments.

A full report and results of the survey on the VCE 2020 student questionnaire can be found at:

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