Florida, May 15: Dream Merchants Entertainment LLC announces production of the 140 minute feature film, ‘The Kamasutra Garden’, which takes viewers on a journey to a brothel in Nevada where the girls earn their money by pleasuring men using the Kamasutra techniques.

The feature film is based on the acclaimed novel ‘The Kamasutra Garden’.

The mythical Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text on human sexual behavior and is famous for describing the art of making love.

According to historians, the book ‘Kamasutra’ was scripted by the Hindu philosopher, Vatsyayana Mallagna between 400 BCE and 200 CE – illustrating sexual positions that satisfies both sexes; and depicting the ‘art of love making’ as a dual responsibility.

Hinduism teaches that ‘Kama’ or sexual pleasure is one among the four goals of a human’s life. ‘Sutra’ means a manual. Thus combined ‘Kamasutra’ is the manual of love making.

The feature The Kamasutra Garden has a successful business man, Steve Banks; an exotic madam, Sheila; and a scandalous sex guru, Swami Kamalesh team up to start an elite brothel called ‘The Kamasutra Garden’ in Nevada.

The unique feature about this brothel is being the only brothel in the world where the girls are trained in ‘Kamasutra’ – the ancient art and science of lovemaking.

At Steve’s request, an award winning documentary filmmaker, William visits The Kamasutra Garden to prepare a documentary about the brothel and the girls who work there. Before his visit to the The Kamasutra Garden, William had never been inside a brothel.

Tucked away in a remote desert town in Nevada, The Kamasutra Garden is every man’s fantasy, where young and beautiful girls work for pleasuring men. But William soon discovers the complex lives and secrets of the women who work there.

“The film will attract people’s attention and take them into a fantasy world that is every man’s dream,” said Blesson Mannil, the Executive producer for The Kamasutra Garden.

The feature film is based on the acclaimed novel The Kamasutra Garden by Riju R. Sam.


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