Glenn Druery Bombshell video

Herald Sun has run a story on a Glenn Druery ‘bombshell video’ exposing the ‘brazen rorting of Victoria’s voting system through sham political parties and the “sale” of seats for $55,000 each’.

The 20 minute or so long excerpt made available by the Herald Sun is a real ‘bad look on politicians’ if you are totally oblivious to the world of politics. As the old adage goes, politics is a dirty game of scoundrels. All the video does is – explains the inner workings of a system in place – which can be manipulated – by people working in groups.

How it is different to ‘pressure or lobby groups’ – who work almost the same way – is beyond me.

Once a preferences specialist ‘advisor’ to aspiring politicians, Glenn Druery, can be said dropping his guard when gloating about how he can advise various group of people which can result in a particular party or group getting or seemingly getting “control” over who wins multiple upper house seats in this month’s election.

I was personally shocked to see Ricky Muir elected to the federal senate back in 2013. The group voting ticket (GVT) on which he won was abolished in 2016 and he has been unable to get back into federal or state parliament.

The state of Victoria has not to date, abolished the GVT. Thus there is room for people to do deals and benefit from it, with the biggest beneficiary being Glenn Druery himself who is reported paid if his people win.

Let us look at the mathematics of it all. There is a fixed number of seats in either house of parliament. Thus, there is a fixed amount of money which the taxpayer must shell out to pay for the salaries and allowances of members elected. That amount does not change whether among those elected, there are people who have been helped by Glenn Druery.

Then there is administrative allowance payable to all political candidates who certain criteria. That amount also does not change – whether the candidate who takes that money is from the Liberal, Labor or minor parties.

And above all, the Liberals, the Nationals or any other party are not in any way barred from trying to come up with their own groups to play the system to take advantage, the same way some minor parties might have.

This ‘bombshell’ video is being treated as something of Daniel Andrews making. It is not.

Glenn Druery has mastered the complex mathematics of how the current voting system works and chosen to make money on it. It is perhaps not wrong to say some people, who otherwise would not have, have managed to get into parliament by paying him and using his methodology.

Could you place the blame entirely on Daniel Andrews for it? The answer is NO.

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Look at the Group Voting tickets for legislative council and one can see how smaller parties have again bandied together to win a berth in the parliament.

The whole thing is so weird and ironic.

The Greens will preference Labor in this election and their slogan is – Want to keep the Liberals out AND make sure Labor is held to account?

And the Liberals will preference the Greens – to oust Labor.

Make sense?

How could it? It is politics.

Then there is attack on Daniel Andrews for being investigated by IBAC.

And now, the VEC has also referred the Opposition leader Matthew Guy to IBAC for ‘not co-operating’ with their investigation into his former staffer’s dealings with a private donor.

The Liberal strategists seem to have stuffed up again. Voters knew IBAC was investigating Dan Andrews. There was no need to sharpen their knives on IBAC particularly when they knew they had Mitch Caitlin issue on their hands.

Back on the ‘bombshell’ video, if the folks at the Herald Sun think – this will damage Dan’s campaign in any significant way, they would be sorely sorry on November 26 in my view.

This video- to me is a sales pitch by Glenn Druery – with clever anecdotal stories of self promotion sold as evidentiary value – to entice more customers. It does not prove, by even the longest and most ridiculous stretch – even smallest attribution of guilt, crime or wrong doing on Dan’s part.

Finally, in the video Glenn claims he has been ‘helping’ people for over 25 years. If what he has been doing was crime, he would perhaps be behind bars.

His shop will only shut if GVT (or Group Voting Ticket) was abolished in Victoria. The real irony is – there will be people whose only hope of getting into parliament is the GVT. It will perhaps be not wrong to say that many minor parties in Victoria may actually not want the GVT abolished. Time will tell.

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