Daniel Andrews - for Islamic communities

A re-elected Andrews Labor Government will invest $3 million to fund an Islamophobia campaign to stamp out racism against Muslims in Victoria.

There is no place for discrimination based on faith or ethnicity in Victoria. It does not matter where you are from, what you look like, what you believe or what language you speak – no one should have to endure racism.

But sadly, intolerance and far-right extremism is on the rise, threatening the safe and inclusive society in which we all want to live.

“No matter where you’re from, what you look like, what you believe in or what language you speak – there’s no place for hate in Victoria” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“Labor is doing what matters – supporting multicultural and multifaith communities against racism and extremism.” the Premier added.

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Diversity is what makes Victoria great and we need to counter the rise of racism and intolerance by ensuring the   community understands the damage it can cause.

That’s why a re-elected Andrews Labor Government will invest $3 million to fight Islamophobia.

“Victoria’s Islamic communities are an integral part of our state. These important changes will ensure Muslims can live freely, knowing we have the right safeguards in place to protect them from discrimination”, Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas said.

This includes funding for the Islamic Museum of Australia, the Victorian Board of Imams, Melbourne Grand Mosque and other Islamic organisations to deliver key programs that support victims of racism in partnership with other organisations.

This announcement forms part of Labor’s promise to deliver initiatives that support multicultural and multifaith communities.

A re-elected Labor Government will strengthen the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 to make it easier to prosecute individuals who incite hatred or bigotry.

We will also establish a Multicultural and Multifaith Law Reform Consultative Committee to ensure the voices of diverse communities are heard and considered in the development of Victorian laws.

“As Victoria’s first female Muslim Member of Parliament and Chair of Victoria’s Inquiry into anti-vilification protections. I know firsthand the impact that Islamophobia has on our community. This investment will ensure we stamp out discrimination and racism in Victoria”, the Labor Member for St Albans Natalie Suleyman said.

“Only Labor will stand up for Victoria’s Islamic Communities. You can’t trust the Liberals to care about us – they create division in our state” Ms Suleyman added.

Labor is backing Victoria’s multicultural communities – not just with words, but with action.

Matthew Guy’s Liberals have a record of dividing communities – you can’t trust them to stand with multicultural and multifaith communities in the face of rising extremism and racism.

Labor is doing what matters – supporting our many diverse communities and promoting a vibrant multicultural society.

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