Leena Manimekalai

An application has been filed in a Delhi Court top have a permanent injunction against Leena Manimekalai and her latest movie “Kaali”. The petitioner has claimed it hurts the hindu sentiments as it insults their Gods and Goddesses, deliberately showing them in poor light.

The court, instead of issuing the order against Leena Manimekalai and her movie “Kaali”, has issued summons and notice of injunction to filmmaker Leena Manimekalai on a suit seeking to restrain her from depicting Hindu goddess Kaali smoking a cigarette.

Judge Abhishek Kumar of the Tis Hazari Courts took the view that Leena and her production team need to be heard before passing any orders against them.

The matter has been listed for further hearing on August 6.

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“The relief of interim injunction is discretionary relief. Further, as held by Hon’ble Supreme Court in number of cases the ex-parte ad-interim injunction has to be granted in exceptional circumstances and undersigned is of the opinion that the defendant needs to be heard before passing any order against them,” Judge Abhishek Kumar noted.

Summons and notice were also issued to Manimekalai’s company, Touring Talkies Media Private Limited.

The petition has been filed by a Delhi based lawyer, advocate Raj Gaurav. The petitioner claimed that Leena Manimekalai in her upcoming movie, has depicted the Hindu goddess in a very ‘uncalled for manner’ and that the poster and promotional video of the film also shows her smoking a cigarette.

The petitioner argues that this not only hurts the religious sentiments of common Hindus, but is also against the basic principles of morality and decency.

The alleged poster insulting Goddess Kali was tweeted by Manimekalai from her Twitter handle.

Soon as the uproar emerged about insulting Goddess Kaali, Leena, taking an “in your face” approach tweeted images insulting God Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

In the last 75 years of Hindi film making, it only has been the Hindu beliefs and traditions which have been not only ridiculed and mocked at but also twisted, questioned and shown in very poor light which other faiths have been promoted and revered.

You can read the Court order here.

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