Taliban in Afghanistan

Last month, when the Taliban captured Kabul after mounting a swift offensive in a matter of few weeks, it shook the whole universe. Only four week earlier the US president Joe Biden had claimed the Taliban would take more than 90 days to reach Kabul. It was an abysmal failure of intelligence agencies or the US knew but had tacitly accepted what actually unfolded following its withdrawal.

Shocking pictures of people hanging off the aero planes told the story of fear which had descended on the streets of Kabul. No experts offered hope to Afghanis. It looked extremely difficult, perhaps impossible for anyone to work out the evolving situation in Kabul.

Afghani Australians started pleading with the Australian government to offer PR to all Afghans on temporary visa in Australia. Many stuck in Kabul looked to India, Australia and the US. Australia managed to rescue 4100 people out of Kabul, many other were rescued by the Indian government but the utter darkness now facing 41 million Afghani people could not be ignored.

To discuss what could be done if anything Bharat Times spoke to Dr Mukesh Garg, former Family First candidate for Gellibrand and a close India, South Asia observer. Dr Garg rejects the humanitarian migration and handout funding solutions as unworkable and too little in practical terms.

“Can we bring in people from these countries, as refugees to Australia…? you’re talking about 40 million people, and Australia has a population of only 22 million people”, Dr Garg argues and exhorts and appeals to the people of Afghanistan to rise up and fight the Taliban if they do not support.

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“No one is going to fight my war, I have to fight my war. Any country that we see is independent, the people of the country have fought a war against the oppressor.

“Now that the Taliban are there, the people of Afghanistan have to fight back… And probably the most responsible people are the local Afghan population, who haven’t done enough to support the US at the time”, Dr Garg sums up.

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Addressing the people who were cheerleaders of Taliban in India, well before Naseeruddin Shah addressed the issue, Dr Garg told Bharat Times, “…(Muslims in India), … they’re supporting Taliban, as you would have seen from the media post, even in Uttar Pradesh, if this is what they want, do they want Sharia in India? And if they want Sharia in India, do they want their women to be locked up in the house, not go out of the house, not to get education? No to have employment? Is this what the people outside of Afghanistan want for the woman by supporting the Taliban? So that’s a question they need to answer to themselves. It’s easier to say, okay, Taliban has done done the right thing imposing Sharia law in the way it is. But do you want it for your daughters and for your wives? They will say NO…”. 

Addressing the CAA, Dr Garg says the Taliban return in Kabul is the vindication of Modi government’s thesis and the basis of Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 (CAA).

“The CAA was probably one of the best decisions of the Indian government when the Indian government is meeting its obligation towards the minorities of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who were left to live in those countries at the time of partition. The Indian community should realize that that was a very good decision of the Modi government.”

There is resistance to Taliban in Panjshir province by former vice president of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh and his friend Ahmad Massoud, the son of famous Afghan commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, another resistance leader. Panjshir is the only province left that is not in control of the Taliban group.

This type of resistance is not the solution according to Dr Garg. This will only add to the problem and may prolong the confrontation and lead to the breaking up of the nation in two or more smaller nation states. A large-scale bloodshed is inevitable. But to free themselves of the shackles of the Taliban, according to Dr Garg, there has to be grass roots country wide majority led uprising against the Taliban.

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