Puneet Kaur DMed by raj Kundra

The story of Raj Kundra has been of interest to the Indian media for quite some time now, especially since his arrest on 19 July. There are many girls who have come out to speak about their brush with Raj Kundra or his businesses. But quite innocently caught in the media circus around Raj Kundra’s alleged dirty web is one US based Punjabi Youtuber Puneet Kaur, a 4th Year medical student who has had no direct contact with Raj Kundra or his businesses. All she has had to do with Raj Kundra’s Hotshots App – the ill-fated porn content App was to – receive a message on her account (Instagram) to check the App out. That happened about four months ago.

Puneet, in one of her Youtube episodes, shared her disbelief with her viewers on camera that she would receive a message from Raj Kundra – Shilpa Shetty’s husband. Thinking it was a spam message although from Raj Kundra’s verified handle, Puneet tried to check it out on camera but says, the link did not open up.

Puneet on her Instagram stories:

“Brooo do you OGS remember our verified DM video where he reached out to me for hotshots!?!? Im deaaad.”

In another Instagram story, Puneet Kaur wrote, “I can’t even WTF this mans was really luring people -we literally thought it was spam when he sent that DM to me!? Jesus Christ man rot in jail.”

Puneet also shared the bits of the video on Youtube in which she is seen with two other guys talking about the DM from Raj Kundra about checking out Hotshots. One of her friends in the video thinks the account  (Raj Kundra’s) was hacked and said, “This man has had a midlife crisis, probably, messing with girls to go to Hotshot.com to do something strange, I don’t know.”

They look up for the site on Google when link fails and one of her friends says Raj’s DM could be coming from his “hacked” account handlers.

“I think his account got hacked,” Puneet’s friend adds.

But the other friend figuratively spills the beans saying: “That would be giving him the benefit of the doubt.”

Puneet, discussing her four months earlier experience says the media – some publications and some viewers – saw the link which had never existed. She has more than 2, 77000 subscribers on Youtube and received an overwhelming support from the viewers.

Tasmin Dhaliwal

Love the way you went about making this about the larger picture. We support you always ❤️

Crystal Dsouza

There no reason for her to get dragged into this! He sent a dm that’s it. Nothing else, this made a mountain out of a mole hill and to all her fans who helped her out and looked out for her you all did a good job 😁

tania manhas

Don’t worry about all this.people are sick and talk nonsense. We know how wonderful you are. You are inspiring and such a beautiful and lovable person. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Vanessa Ruiz

I don’t blame you for being overwhelmed because while you were not immediately affected, the public’s reaction is just a reminder of how scary it is to be a woman ESPECIALLY on social media. And can we please trash the narrative that women coming forward to speak on abuse have some kinda timeline?? It’s a shame you have to even address this but I think you did an excellent job. Sending you& your fam love!

Aarti Jaggi

You’ve handled this so well. Can’t believe you’re having to even spend half a second talking about your midriff showing?! So intelligent, brave, and poised.

Arden Cho

the man literally committed a CRIME and yet someone else gets the heat for dumb stuff ffs

hello darkness my old friend

we support you puneet. don’t listen to the haters because people like to hold such stuff against women EVEN IF they’re not involved in it directly. people are weird bro

Sarah A

I really hope you see this comment. You don’t need to explain yourself you don’t need to list your accomplishments to try and explain why you deserve to be respected. Men will disrespect women simply because they feel they can. Because society permits them to. There is nothing you can do. And I think this video would hold more worth if your brothers addressed men. Because the truth is men need to start having these discussions. Women have been complaining about this forever. Why does a woman being involved in anything sex related permits her disrespect it’s ridiculous.

Fortunately for Puneet Kaur, not only she has family and friends around her, her fans also stand by her.

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