Kangana Ranaut in torn jeans

If anyone knows how to stir up Twitter, it has to be Kangana Ranaut. Whether it is her Tejas schedule, a Bowl of cereal, Tapsee Pannu and Anurag Kashyap’s income tax raids, she gets them covered on her team Kangana Twitter account and generally wins the argument. But on Wednesday, when Kangana, criticizing torn American jeans, shared a picture of three “ancient” women from India, Japan and Syria – each dressed in traditional clothes from their home countries, apparently to proselytize on dressing sense, syhe got heavily bagged by Twitterati who dug up her old photos with same torn Jeans and Jeans shorts/

Team Kangana, tweeting that picture of the three women, photographed in 1885, each became the first licensed woman doctor in their own country, said that they represented not just “their individuality but their entire civilisation, cultures and nations.”


Through her team, Kangana went on to attack contemporary achievers, being pictured in torn jeans and rags like blouses choosing to represent American and not their own culture.

“Appreciation tweet for ancient women who not only represented their individuality but their entire civilisation,cultures and nations. Today if such achievers are to be clicked they will all wear torn American jeans n rags like blouses,representing nothing but American marketing” team Kangana tweet said.

Replying to Kangana, Twitter user Sia wrote:

Sia @AnytimeGorgeous

Replying to @KanganaTeam

Clarifying for librus- Indian clothing is not just restricted to sarees. Ancient Indian women used to wear all kinds of clothing like gowns, skirts, blouses etc.

Kangana’s tweets are against American corporations that are destroying the diversity of the fashion industry.

Anther Twitter user Gayatri wrote:

Gayatri @Gayatr1_

Replying to @KanganaTeam

Kangana~Most intelligent,well-informed,brave,fearless,patriotic Bolly A-lister&Hindu Indian superstar whose heart beats for India&loves her country beyond words~A visionary leader who foresees&warns Indians&guides youth@ the cost of losses,cases &relations

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