Disha Ravi

Disha Ravi, whose full name is Disha Ravi Joseph who claims to be a mere ‘climate activist’ is turning out to be a hard core nuisance lover whose pastime seems to bag India in whatever way possible.

The 22-year old was recently arrested by the Cyber Cell team of Delhi Police after the ‘Toolkit’ of which she was more than the editor, accidently got thrown into the public domain by Greta Thunberg, who not many see, but should be public knowledge is not a lone wolf but rather an internationally managed platform.

Disha, an alumnus of Mount Carmel College Bengaluru, holds a graduate degree in Business Administration, specialising in finance and works for Goodmylk a a plant-based food company.

Last year speaking to Gayle Kimball, a US-based writer and Professor Emeritus at California State University Disha said she was forced to do that degree by her parents and thus she ended up doing that course ‘despite her dislike for capitalism’.

According to Delhi Police Disha was the Editor of the Toolkit Google Document. She created a Whatsapp group and actively collaborating to prepare the ‘Toolkit’ which revealed global conspiracy to defame India. The ‘Toolkit’ not only had timelines but also had Power Point Presentation, links to media and media persons, detailed plan to create Twitter storm and potential carnage to smear India’s international image.

Delhi police say as part of the preparations and finalization of the ‘Toolkit’ they have found that Disha also collaborated with Khalistani outfit named Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF). The police informed that the objective was to spread ‘disaffection against the Indian State.’

Some reports even suggested that it was Disha who had originally shared the Toolkit document with Greta Thunberg.

After Disha’s arrest, initially media reported that Disha had accepted to have edited the document but claimed she had edited only 2 lines in that ‘Toolkit’.

Delhi Police however claim she had edited more than 2 lines in the document. Disha has been charged among other things with ‘sedition’

There is a huge media storm by all anti-Modi  – parties and media houses and media persons that Disha was only 22 years old and hence her arrest should be seen as ‘heavy handedness’ of authorities.

In the wee hours of February 15, at 3.43 AM, veteran Congress leader P. Chidambaram wrote on his Twitter handle:

The Indian state must be standing on very shaky foundations if Disha Ravi, a 22 year old student of Mount Carmel college and a climate activist, has become a threat to the nation

Approximately 12 hours later, twisting the whole argument and the facts, the Congress leader Kapil Sibal tweeted: Is the state so weak that a tweet threatens its security ? Is the state so paranoid that a 22 year is a national security threat ? Is the state so intolerant that it cannot tolerate youth standing with farmers ? Is this the “badlav” Modiji wanted?

Priyanka Vadra was soon on her Twitter. Within 45 minutes, she tweeted criticising the arrest.

Opindia website reports that Disha in her interview to Gayle Kimball “surprisingly… talks about farmers and depleting ground water levels and erratic weather conditions because of which farmers have had to commit suicide. She says how climate change has affected the lives of Indian farmers.

Ironically, few months later when the union government passed the new laws which aims to help farmers with better storage facility, crop mix and subsequently help fight climate change while increasing their incomes, she has decided to protest against these very laws!

Disha’s connection with Aam Aadmi Party (and Nikita Jacobs and AAP operative in Mumbai) can be understood from her preference for AAP over BJP and Modi when she is understood to have told Professor Kimball,  “There are a few issues with the Aam Aadmi Party, but they are definitely better than the others”.

No wonder Arvind Kejriwal tweeted criticising the government for Disha’s arrest.

Disha certainly has a lot of sympathisers all over the globe and most of them are working very hard on social media. They claim she is being framed and unduly targeted because she does not like PM Modi and toe the government line.

Soumyajit, a Twitter user wrote:

The charges against Disha Ravi are so silly it is actually scary.


Not really when you read the transcript of Disha’s WhatsApp chat with Greta soon after Greta goofed up attaching the original ‘Toolkit’.

WhatsApp chat between Disha Ravi and Greta Thunberg:

Greta Thunberg (9:25 pm): It would be really good to have it ready now.. I will receive so many threats because of this.. It’s really blowing up

Disha: S**t.. S**t

Disha (9:25 pm): Sending it to you..

Disha (9:35 pm): Ok can you not tweet the toolkit at all..can we just not say anything at all for a while? I am gonna talk to lawyers. I am sorry but our names are on it and we can literally get UAPA against us.

Disha (9:39 pm): Are you ok?

Greta (9:40 pm): I need to write something

Disha (9:40 pm): Can you give me five minutes I am talking to the lawyers

Greta (9:41 pm): These hate storms happen sometimes and they’re really intense

Disha (9:41 pm): I am really really sorry.. We are all panicking because this is getting really bad here


Disha Ravi then tells Greta Thunberg that they will make sure the Swedish climate activist’s name remains “in the clear”, saying they have to deactivate all social [media accounts].

Disha (9:41 pm): But we will make sure you are in the clear

Disha (9:41 pm): We just have to deactivate all socials


Either Disha supporters are playing fools or they are anti-nationals, plain and simple. You may love Disha for her climate activism but when she is caught doing anti-India work, that to in collaboration with anti-India forces like Khalistan, there is no way any Indian can support her unless she is cleared of all accusations.

We are living in new age of social media where careers (personal and national) are made and wrecked every single day. India is facing a deliberate, studied and concerted deluge of social media attack by forces who want to harm India economically, destabilize it and break it into parts.

From Disha’s WhatsApp chat with Greta, it is obvious she knew the gravity of what she was doing but she had chosen to do it. For that, she must face the music now.

Anyone falling for P.Chidambaram or Kapil Sibal, forget Arvind Kejriwal, should remember it was the Congress party which introduced Section 66A of the IT Act and detained many for merely tweeting during their regime. The punishment for such a small mistake could extend upto three years.

It is only thanks to the Supreme Court of India that the section was declared unconstitutional and thus repealed.

Fair treatment for Disha Ravi
Yes, we can and must all ask for fairness in her treatment when she faces the legal system as an accused. Our sympathy should and must stop there.

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