Restrictions ease in Victoria

Victorian restrictions will ease from midnight tonight, not all but majorly all expected steps have been announced. To console those who would be still unhappy for Victoria not going all the way, the Premier Daniel Andrews said, “This year has asked more of us – taken more from us – than any year, ever… As a state – millions strong – we are defeating this virus… I know these changes can’t be absolutely everything everyone wants. But they are the steps we can safely take that will make life a little bit easier.”

Highlighting how significant the progress made is Daniel Andrews added:

“Back in August and at our peak, we reported 725 daily cases. At the same time, the UK recorded 891. Today, as Victoria records two new cases, the UK hit 16,171. And as we continue easing our restrictions – they are being forced to increase theirs.”

On the strength of that success, the Premier has announced number of changes to the restrictions in place.

From 11:59pm tonight:

  1. The 5-kilometre limit for exercise and shopping will be extended to 25 kilometres.
  2. The two-hour time limit for exercise and socialising will also fall away.
  3. Outdoor sports settings like tennis courts, golf courses and skateparks will be able to reopen.
  4. All allied health professionals currently operating will be able to resume routine face-to-face care.
  5. Outdoor real estate auctions will be able to take place with up to 10 people, plus the required staff.
  6. Hairdressers will be able to open, with strict safety protocols in place.
  7. Groups of up to ten people from two households will also be able to gather in outdoor public places. That could be for exercise – or a picnic in the park.
  8. Tradies undertaking outdoor maintenance and repair work, mobile pet groomers and photographers.

Groups of ten being limited to two households is for reasons of tracing in case there is a spread again.

Retail, hospitality and personal care services will open from 11:59pm on 1 November, provided the numbers remain on the desired trajectory and within control.

“This is a timeline that is based on the current advice of our public health team” the Premier added.

“… if we continue to track well on the most important indicators – case averages, mystery cases, test numbers and the number of days people wait before they get tested – we may be in a position to move sooner”, Daniel Andrews added.

While some restrictions ease, Victoria has not reached the Third Step; when we are there, it will also mean “we move from “stay home” to “stay safe” – with no restrictions on the reasons to leave home”, added the Premier.

Under this step, all remaining retail will open. Restaurants, cafes and pubs will open. And personal and beauty services will be able to offer treatments to clients – as long as a face mask can be worn.

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