Rhea Chakraborty - NCB arrest

As fans of #Justicefor SSR all over the world heaved a sigh of relief upon Rhea Chakraborty being arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau or the NCB, what actually happened on the ground needs a closer look.

There is no cause for celebration just as yet, I believe. And I totally disagree with the celebratory spin put on by the main crusader for #JusticeforSushant – Arnab Goswami – the Republic TV anchor who deserves and has become a global phenomenon thanks to his efforts in this case.

Rhea Chakraborty has been arrested by the NCB in connection with ONLY the drug probe which came to light after some of her WhatsApp Chats became public and revealed a drugs connection. The unexplained death of Sushant Singh Rajput was and should be the real focus for his fans. Nothing much has happened on that front and SSR fans all over the world should be focused on that aspect and not get distracted by this drama.

After her arrest, Rhea was sent for a health check (found all ok), COVID-19 test(returned negative) and then she was presented before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate – where her bail application was rejected and the Magistrate sent her into 14 Days Judicial custody. She can move Mumbai Sessions Court for bail application which she may choose to do today.

Reacting to her arrest, Rhea’s lawyer said, “Travesty of justice. 3 central agencies hounding a single woman just because she was in love with a drug addict who was suffering from mental health issues for several yrs & committed suicide due to consumption of illegally administered medicines, drug..”

He was referring to SSR as drug addict and also – as alleged by Rhea in her police complaint a day earlier – hinted at their stance that SSR died because of drugs given to him in the last week of his life – which were “illegally” organized by his sister Priyanka.

In essence, Team Rhea’s Plan B is in action. And according to their Plan B – attacking the family – is the best form of her defence – which now is officially on foot after the police complaint.

It is extremely important to note that the filing of the police complaint was completed – the night before – in the early hours of the morning at about 1.30 AM – before she was officially arrested the following day.

Poor fans of SSR should also note with some concern that – Showik’s decision to name Rhea in his role of procuring drugs – mainly marijuana – cannot be taken on its face value. It is all part of Team Rhea’s Plan B in action and cannot be anything otherwise.

Although the law – under which Rhea’s arrest has been made – Sections 20B, Section 27, Section 28, and Section 29 of NDPC carries a jail term of up to 10 years it remains to be seen what the NCB actually does with Rhea from this point on. BT believes the NCB in its Remand Copy has acknowledged the statements made by Dipesh Sawant, Showik Chakraborty and Samuel Miranda that they were procuring drugs – on the directions of and with the knowledge and consent of and also financed by Rhea Chakraborty – but for the consumption of Sushant Singh Rajput.

If this is all the NCB has been able to achieve so far, it is not very much.

As per the Court documents, all the NCB is alleging that Rhea “is an active member of the drug syndicate connected with drug supplies,” and no official mention of Rhea using drugs.

Although Rhea is reported to have confessed to procuring drugs for Sushant Singh Rajput and later admitted to consuming as well but her position is that whatever she did, she did it for SSR.

Although Dipesh Sawant, Samuel Miranda and Showik Chakraborty have also been arrested, the only drug documented so far by the NCB is Marijuana – no hard drugs have been linked to Rhea or Shwoik.

I can clearly see a “trade-off” through the veil of legal manoeuvres and some faces of those “sacrificial lambs” in the process becoming unobliterated.

And as part of the Plan B, the paid brigade for Rhea is in full swing. Every tweet, every Instagram post and every bit said in Rhea’s defence by any celebrity who had lost their vocal cords for 70 plus days – stinks of being paid. Check this Tweet of Tapsee and heartless and insensitive comment with the video evidence she thought she was relying on:

The pity is – a saddening feeling creeping in – that the campaign of #JusticeforSushant may not achieve its actual target when it is finally over.

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