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For #CBIForSushant, calls for IFFM 2020 to be cancelled

Ever since the botched up inquest of Mumbai police into the death of Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) caught the discerning eye of India’s Republic TV’s investigative journalists’ tema led by Arnab Goswami the editor-in-chief, the campaign for a CBI inquiry into the actor’s death to get to the truth has been gaining momentum. The exponential growth of the demand for #JusticeforSushant and #CBIForSushant has crossed borders and now become a hugely widespread global campaign joined by his fans from the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and almost all countries of EU and Africa.

And Melbourne is leading the Australian campaign for #JusticeforSushant and #CBIForSushant. The Australian campaign, more precisely the Melbourne campaign has been spearheaded by Divya Bakshi and Sudhir Juneja and SSR’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti’s friend – Anupama Khanna Arora based in Melbourne who set up a Facebook group – Ban Bollywood Bullies – Unite Australia for SSR to campaign for #CBIForSushant and raise funds to have some sort global awareness of Australian campaign by putting up billboards for the campaign.

Announcing on the group’s FB page, Anupama wrote:

“The Billboards are up!!!💗
This is an overwhelming moment for all the SSRians across Australia and I’m sure in India too. Our eyes are bedewed in the memory of our beloved, late actor, Sushant Singh Rajput.”

The Billboards will be up for a month at the following 7 locations:
1) SOUTHBANK – 120 Clarendon St/Westgate Freeway.
2) WILLIAMS LANDING- Princess Highway.
3) WANTIRNA SOUTH – 384 Burwood Highway.
4) EPPING- Cooper St.
5) BENTLEIGH- 823 Nepean Highway
6) DERRIMUT- Western Freeway.
7) BAYSWATER- 158 Canterbury Rd.

The Supreme Court of India is yet to deliver its verdict in the case and it all depends on what it delivers for #CBIForSushant. Fully cognizant of that, Anupama added:

“I know we still have a long way to go.
But these Billboards are definitely going to convey the strong message that the whole of Australia is standing with SSR. We really want our screams to be heard by the whole Judiciary System of India, so that fair justice can be served to our dear Sushant. It’s high time, we don’t want any more innocent Sushants, Jias, Dishas dying young, mysteriously and unnaturally.
Please don’t lose hope and keep fighting till we get justice for SSR. Until then no one can stop this chain reaction. Fingers crossed 
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In an earlier post on the page, opening up her heart Anupama had written:

“…Never knew Sushant personally but it feels as if I have lost my little baby brother😢.
Can relate to him probably because my own little brother is of same age and just like SSR, only son in the family, born after lot of prayers by my parents. Can totally understand the pain his sisters and Dad might be going through, who lost their only brother and son 😢

It’s true that most of us, whether in India or overseas, are feeling some kind of loss, similar to loss of a brother, son, or a friend. 
Since 14th June 2020, it’s a fact that most of us are not our normal self….”.

Commenting on Anupama’s post, Sumedha Arya wrote:

“I don’t understand what kind of boy he was. Everyone feeling like lost his family member. His soul was very pour might b everyone get attached to him. Rest In Peace handsome boy 💐

How true? I can fully feel and literally register the heart beat in those words. Not far from the office is one of the billboards. On the way this morning, could not just come past. Stopped by the side, felt the pain of his family, shed a tear, relished the moment and felt proud that I was although inadvertently, part of Australia’s lead in asking for #JusticeforSushant and #CBIForSushant.

Things have been very different since SSR passed away. At home, many Indian Australians have not played anything Bollywood other than SSR’s work or scanned YouTube looking for latest on SSR for the last two months.

“This will continue until the CBI inquiry is ordered. There is no appetite for Bollywood rubbish anymore and people want to see justice being done and the guilty punished. Someone’s goose is fully cooked and it is a matter of time that the public can crack the power code to bring it out in the public domain”, said D. Kumar talking to Bharat Times.

A similar sentiment was expressed on the group’s page by Ekta Sharma linking the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) and asking for it to be cancelled. IFFM is a yearly event funded by the state government. Linking a clip from IFFM 2019 and asking for the event for 2020 to be cancelled, Ekta wrote:


This event should be cancelled. We have every right to stand for Sushant and boycott all the bullies coming to Melbourne. Its time to make these Superstars feel left out and neglected. They don’t even have the courage to stand against injustice. They was just icandy on the screen nothing more. I deny to follow these spineless so called “SUPERSTAR” anymore…..!!!

Such events are funded by our hard earned tax money….. i dont want to waste my money like this. Rather i would donate it to a needy person during this pendamic….. 🤑🤑😤🤬🤬..”

At the time of writing this piece, there were more than 55 likes and 28 plus “Boycott” the IFFM event comments.

BT has contacted and is waiting to hear from Mitu Bhowmick Lange, the lady behind the festival.

Now it is all eyes on the apex court of India to deliver #CBIForSushant.

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