Australia Day 2020 Honours

Amandeep Mehra awarded Australian Corrections Medal

Having been awarded the Australian Corrections Medal as part of Australia Day 2020 Honours, Amandeep Mehra has not only made Australian Indian community proud but has made the whole country proud.

Amandeep works for the Department of Justice New South Wales. He  commenced his  service  with  New  South  Wales  Corrective  Services  in  2014  and currently  holds  the  position  of First  Class  Correctional  Officer  at  the  Metropolitan  Special Programs Centre (MSPC),  the  high  security  area of the  Long  Bay  Correctional  Complex which  houses approximately  500  high  security  inmates  that  are  predominantly  on  remand. The   MSPC   also  houses  a  Violent  Offender  Treatment  Program  and   the   Acute   Crisis Management Unit which contains inmates who are  at risk of self harm.

He performs primarily operational roles in relation to the management of inmates in full time custody at the MSPC and has daily contact with offenders. He also works at the reception desk at the internal visits centre and over the past 12 months he intercepted approximately 50 visitors attempting to smuggle contraband into the MSPC.

Additionally,   during   his   own   time   he   designed   a   user-friendly   computer dashboard application which has a generic and individual component for staff across the state to utilise in performing their daily duties. He  initially  built  a  sample  of  the  application  which  was presented to, and  endorsed by, management attached to the  MSPC.  He subsequently built an   operational   model,   in   his   own   time,   to capture direct   links   to current   policy   and procedures which accesses templates and readily used forms by custodial staff and MSPC business partners.

The  dashboard application  delivers  efficient  workplace  practices  allowing  staff  to focus  on business-as-usual operations and  perform their duties more  effectively. Due  to the  success of the  program at  Long  Bay Correctional  Complex,  the  program is  now  being  rolled  out  to other centres across the state.

Amandeep  continues  to  liaise  with  individual  correctional  centres within  New  South  Wales Corrective  Services  to establish  programs tailored  to their specific  needs and  his  efforts to improve outcomes for Corrective Services and  improved management practices of offenders is most noteworthy.

Australia Day 2020 Honours list is prepared by the government to recognize meritorious services of distinguished Australians.

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