All hell broke loose when Suhana Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter, made her debut on Vogue India’s cover for August edition

Mumbai, August 1: When Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter, Suhana Khan, appeared on Vogue India’s cover for the August 2018 edition, it seems – all hell broke loose

The cover was proudly and emotionally launched by SRK at the Vogue Beauty Awards 2018. It was SRK’s daughter’s first photo shoot and that too for such a prestigious magazine as Vogue.

And as father, to publicise and perhaps massage people’s ‘star-propitiating’ psyche, he promptly tweeted about the occasion. and defined his feelings as being so-surreal.

And mom Gauri Khan – who would be even prouder, shared a ‘behind the scenes’ video on Twitter showing Suhana in several glam chic outfits.  In the video Suhana revealed she has “crooked fingers” and admits she, like her star father is quite shy.

GQ India had reported SRK as saying that this opportunity (to feature on the cover of Vogue) was to be taken as a responsibility by Suhana.

Perhaps SRK could see the storm coming as he had said, “(By) putting her on this cover is going to remove some of the entitlement she has because she happens to be my daughter”.

Boy, was he on the money, every dime one would say, from what followed.


“Twitter does not seem pleased about Suhana Khan getting her own magazine cover while still being a student”, reported Hindustan Times.

While Suhana would have enjoyed it, the netizens and twitteratti are not impressed by her debut on a magazine cover.

SRK would not have liked the reaction from public, for sure.

The cover read – Suhana Khan – Student, theatre lover, future star.

Sorry?, future star? Yes, it does say ‘future star’ – and that is what people latched on to.

“Suhana Khan – on Vogue India cover – without having done anything” read headlines.

The magazine’s Instagram post introduced her as the new girl on the block giving people the opportunity to speak their mind.

And the posts on Instagram – made very interesting reading. One could feel the brazen muscles of ‘cats fighting’:

Maybe one day merit will stop being so undervalued. It’s disappointing that Vogue India, once a beacon of progression, is so susceptible to the archaic cultural practices of nepotism, not to mention that it detracts from the spirit of women empowerment—a woman is more than her father’s name. This in no way is a criticism Suhana or a reflection of her character, but rather a reflection of Vogue India and their lack of creative integrity. If your marketing strategy to amp sales is to merely put a star child on the cover, you desperately need to diversify your staff and bring on new talent who is more innovative and progressive. Hopefully the next issue does more to rectify the cultural damages done here. – wrote sosh_ana.

Suhana Khan on Vogue India cover
Suhana Khan on Vogue India cover

There were people defending that decision of Vogue India.

Yes she got this cover because of her dads connections but if she was ugly they will not use her. Also why shouldn’t a father help his daughter in life? This is definitely a boost for her future career but if she does not work hard on her career the hype around her will eventually die out. As for the magazine, now the whole world is talking about this cover and this young woman. If it was not for this cover, no one will be talking about Indian Vogue. When was the last time Indian Vogue was headlining the news across the globe? I’m sure Indian Vogue know what they are doing – wrote maria_diycards tagging @anushreethadhani .

that’s not how it works. you have to do something great to be on the cover of vogue. it’s something that’s earned, and only being beautiful and having famous parents usually isn’t something good enough to have this. for being on this cover, you have to do something at least. be good at something. she calls herself a ‘future star’ and that doesn’t make the cut –

it’s not actually called helping. most people call it ‘spoiling ‘

and, you really think indian vogue would do this for publicity?

anushreethadhani replied back taggin @maria_diycards

But then the move from sublime to ridiculous:

amulyakallakuri@swastika__sengupta : if you read this, you have gotttt to tell me why she’s on the cover and if all the backlash Vogue is facing right now is justified! Deal?


preekingsley9@neelifernz112: seriously, totally agreed

world_of_archana24: Fuck off?

vasudha20@manjariloya: you get a life

drprincy: @vogueindia u hv lost it all ?

manozificationAs shitty the magazine is shitter the cover. Well justified

the_oblivious_scribbler: I don’t see Hima Das here. I don’t see Deepika S Rajawat. Whom do I see? Suhana Khan because her father is a superstar. #Nepotismrocks

niketan_yadav_54: She has done nothing in his life..then why on cover page.?@vogueindia

desi_videsi90: I thought after the #jhanvikapoor debacle it was safe to re-follow this insta… apparently not?? So over it!

geetavidhi: She does not looks like a star


Suhana, as a child of superstar, who is still a student and must complete her education before embarking on her acting career (SRK edict), discusses all the things normally a peep into a star’s life would make sense and sell.

But the medium and the publication like Vogue to do it, was not well received.

Seen as promoting nepotism in Bollywood by featuring Suhana Khan undeservedly, wrote a Twitter user:

“I have nothing against star kids and tbh it is not even about nepotism but to see Suhana Khan in the cover page of the August issue of @VOGUEIndia with NO reason as to why she should have been is ridiculous. Is she a model? No. A socialite? No. An actor? No. A change maker? No,”

“Student, theatre lover, future star, daughter of a star who will probably finance all her movies till she actually becomes a ‘star’…. but yea hello Suhana Khan. NepotismRocks: Karan Johar,” wrote another.

A struggling actor also tweeted her own woes and how the children of stars have it easy. “The reason I am annoyed is because when Suhana Khan had to step into the Vogue India office, nobody told her “you don’t fit the requirement.” To wake up each mrng with the same amount of motivation for the same agenda each day, every day, try that! I promise it isn’t easy!” she wrote.

Really don’t believe in celebrity bashing, but why is Suhana Khan is on the cover of Vogue?

Technically this isn’t even celebrity bashing, because she’s not one, her father is.

My dad is an accountant, will ICAI put me on their monthly magazine cover? – Srishti@Srishtea_

And then some of the reactions were amusingly funny and critical:

can u imagine suhana saying ‘i want to be on vogue!!!’ and srk doing that *deep dad breath* thing and making a few calls lollll  – harnidh kaur @PedestrianPoet

SRK’s daughter has gone through some struggle. It is also known as Suhana Suffer. – Numbyaar@NumbYaar

Suhana Khan on the cover of Vogue almost feels like she saw Jahnvi Kapoor and went “Papa, mereko bhi chahiye”! – Bellyrina@BombayBellyrina

Student, theatre lover, future star, daughter of a star who will probably finance all her movies till she actually becomes a ‘star’…. but yea hello Suhana Khan.

“#NepotismRocks”: Karan Johar  – Karnika Kohli @KarnikaKohli


Struggles of being Suhana Khan:

  1. Having a sea facing Bungalow, so beach vacations aren’t exciting
  2. Being so rich that you cannot decide which Rolex to wear
  3. Not getting launched by Karan Johar even though you are 18

– Appurv Gupta-GuptaJi @appurv_gupta

And finally there were well-wishers of the Khans and particularly of Suhana:

Frankly SRK and Gauri MUST NOT let Karan manage Suhana’s career path! I am positive he is the one who pimped the Vogue cover idea…The girl is getting unnecessary hatred and being dragged…. ‘Tis too early – Shilps@noneofurbijness

Welcome to the unromantic virtual world of digital reality Suhana Khan!         – K. Dev

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