The seat of Tarneit in the West will have a new member in the state parliament in 2018 onward. Telmo Languiller, the sitting member and former speaker of the Victorian parliament will not be seeking re-election in 2018.

 In a statement, Mr Languiller said.

“I wish to announce that I will not be recontesting the seat of Tarneit in 2018.

 I have been privileged to have been able to serve the people of Tarneit and more broadly the people of Victoria in various roles in the Parliament.”

 Mr Languiller thanked Premier Daniel Andrews and his parliamentary colleagues and the ALP for the opportunity to serve. He also thanked his family and friends who stood by him “especially in recent times”.

 Mr Languiller’s reference to “recent times” was the difficult times he endured when he had to repay parliamentary allowances he had claimed in relation to his claim of “second residence”. He came under further pressure when it was revealed he had employed his partner in his electorate office and took her with him on at least four foreign trips. BT believes at least on three such trips Mr Languiller had used tax-payer’s money.

 Premier Daniel Andrews wished Telmo Languiller “the best for the future”.

Premier said “Telmo’s work has helped secure investments in local schools including Tarneit P-9 College and the Grange P-12 College, as well as vital upgrades to local roads.”

 Elected to Parliament in 1999, Telmo was the first Uruguayan-born person elected to a Parliament outside Uruguay, and the first Australian of Latin American descent to be elected to the Victorian Parliament.

 There will be flurry of activity in that seat and various power brokers will be working overtly and covertly trying to grab this plum seat which is safe Labor seat by a margin of more than 14%.

 Whoever the ALP local branch pre-selects will be in there for a safe and long tenure.

There have been many Indian community aspirants in the area waiting for Mr Languillor to vacate the seat. One such name is Jasvinder Sidhu, who lives in the area and has been a member of the ALP and involved in the community through various groups.

He has thrown his hat in the ring.

 “I joined our Party with a passionate belief that only Labor governments can build a fairer society and help those who are most vulnerable.

That belief in our cause, and a determination to make change, is why I have decided to nominate to be the next Labor candidate for Tarneit”, Jasvinder Sidhu said in a statement sent to Bharat Times.

Jasvinder Sidhu further said:

“As a local Tarneit resident, I understand the pressures that residents are facing, whether it be increased cost of living, or congestion on some of our busiest roads.

I strongly believe that investing in education unlocks the potential of current and future generations…”.

Jasvinder Sidhu is seeking community support in his bid to be pre-selected for the seat of Tarneit.


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