Let jewellery reflect your style this year and the best way to do it is to upgrade it and also reinvent your traditional pieces, says an expert.

Raminder Singh, Principle Jewellery Designer of Bluestone.com, charts out a set of jewellery resolutions.

accessorise to accentuate your style

* Set the trend don’t just follow one: Your sense of style is defined by your interests and passions, so this year let your strengths reflect in your style statement.

Resolve to not follow trends blindly, so if those on-trend hoop earrings are not your thing, switch them for diamond studs or even a pair of quirky ear cuffs. 2017 is the year you make your own chic statement.

* Get yourself the fine jewellery you have been eyeing forever: This year resolve to not hesitate in getting yourself that emerald ring, ruby laden choker or the diamond bracelet you have been eyeing. Upgrade from fashion jewellery and pick striking styles in fine jewellery.

* Accessorise to accentuate: Make your jewellery the focus of attention in 2017. Go for a statement asymmetrical neckpiece, a delicate yet eye-catching palm cuff or a dazzling cocktail ring to grab the fashion sweepstakes.

Hot tip — style your look around your jewellery and not the other way round, be bold and stand out.

* Invest on jewellery storage: Storing your jewellery correctly is essential to retain its glitter for a longer time, devote yourself to maintaining your fine jewellery by buying drawers, stands and velvet lined boxes.

Sort your jewellery according to its type. Gold and platinum are very sensitive to shock do keep it in a soft padded box to avoid damages. And may your jewellery live long!

* Reinvent your heirloom: Heirloom jewellery is a treasure, often with an important story to tell. Instead of exchanging it or just keeping it locked in a box, give heritage jewellery a new life.

Fusion wear, and mix and match are the on trend styles this season. Pair your antique jewellery with a little black dress for a unique evening look. Case in point, don’t let your heirloom pieces lay to waste in a locker, 2017 is the year you re-invent them.

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