Oakleigh, April 23: The Indian community in Melbourne celebrated 22nd Anniversary of VCE Hindi Award Function at the Oakleigh Hall today.

Rahul Gupta, President, Hindi Niketan thanked everyone on behalf of Hindi Niketan who had attended and encouraged the efforts of VCE class of Hindi student of 2015.

He also proposed a break-free program henceforth.

Hindi Niketan Executive committee (EC) has been working hard for the promotion of Hindi with current VCE students and their families being offered a complimentary one year HN membership.

The organisation is also working towards establishing a network of HN VCE students for their benefit and further promotion of Hindi.

Mr Gupta also mentioned a biography on the life and contribution to Hindi in Australia of Dr. Dinesh Srivastava authored by Dr. Puneet Mohan.

Dr Srivastava is a pioneer in Melbourne for the promotion of Hindi language.

The book is available  from Amazon

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