Issuing such politically correct statements for a particular religion mounts the challenge of ‘exclusion’ of other religions, and would most definitely fan the flames of irrational and incoherent thinking writes Ramakrishna VenuGopal

Melbourne, April 29: Attorney-General Martin Pakula has taken to social media to call out the “disgraceful stuff” that his office has received since the appointment of Ms Urfa Masood to the Magistrates Court.

Making the announcement on April 26, Mr Pakula’s statement read: Ms Masood is the first Muslim woman and of Sri Lankan background to be appointed to a Victorian Court.

Upon that, social media is rife with criticism of the Victorian government’s decision and anti-Muslim statements, including one response that said it was “criminal” for a Muslim to be appointed a magistrate.















Although, Mr Pakula has called out loud and clear – as above (for what it is), the question that begs an answer is ‘Why is there a special need to celebrate the appointment of a Muslim woman?’


Making big of his poor judgement, Mr Pakula told Fairfax media that “Ms Masood’s appointment was a cause for celebration and ‘for most people it is’.”

Which leads to the question – why should not then an appointment of a Jew, Christian, Hindu or Sikhs (minority in Australia) be celebrated?

Would that not lead to vitriol by those opposed to Islam or any other religion for that matter?

Issuing such politically correct statements for a particular religion mounts the challenge of ‘exclusion’ of other religions, and would most definitely fan the flames of irrational and incoherent thinking.

Although, not in high numbers, the anti-Islamic screed continued with statements that  Muslims would never be able to uphold western laws or values and questions whether Ms Masood would try to introduce Sharia law.

Questions have also been raised about her head-dress covering and whether that would be part of her judicial dress code.

Gerald Tetz ‎@GerTetz

The Muslims have infiltrated into our justice system…Sharia Law making…Islam and Muslim Sharia Laws are a… 

4:03 AM – 27 Apr 2016

jim morris ‎@j1moris

@DailyLifeAu A real muslim only respects sharia. Either she is a muslim or a magistrate. She can’t be both.

7:10 PM – 26 Apr 2016
Ghalib Imtiyaz ‎@ghalibimtiyaz

@j1moris @DailyLifeAu Our Prophet (PBUH) was the best Muslim and when jews came to him to judge on their issues he used Torah to judge them.

jim morris ‎@j1moris

@ghalibimtiyaz @DailyLifeAu Islam is not compatible with democracy. She should not be a magistrate.

2:46 PM – 29 Apr 2016

So I Said ‏@lovesquiresloft Apr 27

@MartinPakulaMP Martin, I wonder what her views on Jews and Israel are?

Ron Broomhall

ohh my living GODS FATHER… this is becoming sickening what the liberal and labor and greens party have done to our country… next thing it will be legal in my elderly age with SHARIA LAW that i can marry a 9 yo CHILD… dor gods living sake…. sick sick sick in the heads are all Muslims and the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT from all sides

The above is just a smattering of the ire expressed on social media.

A government that professes Multiculturalism cannot and should not have called for celebration of an appointment, relative to a particular religion.

Ms Masood’s appointment would have been due to her merit and ‘not because she is a Muslim’; hence Mr Pakula’s judgement in issuing an ‘appeasing’ statement of ‘Muslim appointment’ was always fraught with danger – which has now erupted in the form of bigotry.

Islamic Council of Victoria executive director Nail Aykan described the anti-Muslim criticism of Ms Masood’s appointment as “simple ignorance”. He said Australia had strong governance systems that appointed people, including Ms Masood, on merit.

Mr Aykan told Fairfax Media that social media had given an amplified voice to bigoted views.

“Everyone’s got a voice, it’s just a matter of encouraging responsible voices.”

Fortunately, most people view this as a merit-appointment and there were many who rather supported the appointment with positive statements.

Tim Watts ‏@TimWattsMP
11h11 hours ago Melbourne, Victoria

@MartinPakulaMP I’ll call them bigots – and they can get stuffed! Keep up the good work.

Alys ‏@AlysJ Apr 28

@MartinPakulaMP not to mention the sad lack of civics understanding…

Sumeyya Ilanbey ‏@sumeyyailanbey 5h5 hours ago Melbourne, Victoria

.@MartinPakulaMP The emptiest vessels make the loudest

James Dunstan ‏@snowycats Apr 27

@MartinPakulaMP Ignore it – change comes slowly – for some they never change -live in the past -full of hatred bigotry __________________

Ghalib Imtiyaz ‏@ghalibimtiyaz 6h6 hours ago

@MartinPakulaMP Congratulations on her appointment. Lets the meritocracy flourish in this country so that we all benefit from it.

Ms Masood holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Economics from the Australian National University, and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (Legal Workshop).

Since June 2012, she has been an adjunct lecturer at the College of Law, where she teaches advocacy.

Ms Masood began practising as a criminal law solicitor in 2003 at the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service. In November 2004, Ms Masood was admitted to the Victorian Bar where she continued her criminal law practice and conducted contested hearings and committals.

Ramakrishna VenuGopal

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