Daniel Andrews at Sri Durga Temple 14-06-2023

3AW covers our story

3AW Tom-Elliott  drive covers our story
3AW Tom-Elliott drive covers our story

There is a speculative yarn going around that Premier Daniel Andrews is about to leave politics. It is both just a “yarn” and ‘speculative” it seems. BT spoke to Premier Daniel Andrews before the last election where the premier was categorically asked to commit if he won to run full term and take Victorians to the 2026 election.

He did. He clarified saying he would remain in politics as long as he carries the support of his (elected) colleagues.

Herald Sun and other non-lefty media outlets seem obsessed with this story while the Premier has given no indication of slowing down.

Despite the Premier again repeating that he is not going anywhere and plans to run for re-election in 2026, the Heralds Sun is running a story saying ‘speculation is mounting that Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan is starting to build a team around her that is ready to hit the ground running’. 

“Succession planning is underway in the Victorian Labor Party, with Deputy Premier and Transport Minister Jacinta Allan being touted as Daniel Andrews’ likely successor”, the Sky News website writes.

It quoted the story in the Herald Sun saying ‘multiple sources have told the Herald Sun that Minister Allan has already been advised to start building a team that would be ready to hit the ground running at short notice’.

It is difficult to fathom why they would continue with it. Their colleague on 3AW radio Melbourne, Neil Mitchell talking about the story in the paper today said on air, that Premier should do the right thing and “GO”. Because, he argued, Victoria needs fresh ideas, fresh approach to rebuild while admitting in the same breath Premier Andrews would also have Victoria’s best interest in his heart.

Premier Andrews, along with his colleagues, Steve Mcghie, member for Melton and Luba Grigorovitch, member for Kororoit attended Sri Durga temple in Rockbank on Wednesday, 14 June in the morning and joined a small group of devotees for morning tea.

I asked the Premier this very question and he again, in very clear terms committed to continue on (to 2026 and beyond) for the sake of Victoria.

He told me that we should not believe rumours (they are just rumours) and he is not going anywhere, adding he still has a lot of work to do.

Listen to the Premier here.

The Herald Story even goes on to talk about succession planning which it claims to be so advanced that several staff have already been identified to fill senior roles under a potential Allan administration, leading to speculation the popular Victorian Premier may be closing in on the end of his career.

Premier Daniel Andrews enjoys a very warm and good relations with the Victorian Indian community and has its absolute support. The community loves him and want him to continue as long as possible.

It is going to be absolutely disaster for Labor party if the Premier decides to leave politics. There are a lot of projects underway, with the state under so much debt with money borrowed for big build. Premier has initiated those and now carries the responsibility to see them through. It will not only be politically inappropriate to leave now, it will be morally, ethically and financially irresponsible for him to think of leaving Victoria at this point in time”, says a loyal Labor supporter Devendra Kumar.

On Melbourne radio 3AW
Our story was picked up and audio played on air by Melbourne’s No. 1 radio station 3AW on its No. 1 3 – 6pm slot show Drive hosted by Tom Elliott. You can listen to what he said here.

We will have to wait and see.

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