Indians Attacked - $152.90 fine

The much hyped as “peaceful” campaign for Khalistan took a big setback on Sunday when men from pro-Khalistani groups attacked peaceful Indians carrying the Indian Tricolor unprovoked. Videos have gone viral showing Khalistani supporters running after the Indians, calling them all sorts of names, allegedly attacking them with steel pipes clandestinely used as Khalistani flag rods.

Speaking to Bharat Times, Australian Hindu Media president Amrendra Singh said the Indians were marching peacefully and following police directions. In the videos which have gone viral, Indians can be seen marching out of Flinders Street station and then turn right, which according to president Amrendra was directed by the police on duty, to avoid any clashes.

But to everybody’s utmost shock, khalistani supporters can be seen running after them and attacking them.

In the attack, says President Amrendra, two boys received head injuries and one suffered broken ribs. They were taken to hospital, treated, and kept under observation for hours before being sent home.

According to reports, two more boys were injured in the attack, taking the number of injured to five.

Bharat Times understands two khalistani supporters who attacked the Indians were arrested by the Victoria police and issued penalty notices for ‘riotous behaviour’.

The penalty for this summary offence is merely 10 units and a unit is worth $15.29. Thus, for allegedly breaking someone ribs, and causing head injuries to two more, they practically walked off with a fine of $152.90 each.

President Amrendra Singh and many other community leaders are extremely unhappy with the way authorities failed to protect the law-abiding Indians.

The Indian High Commissioner to Australia Manpreet Vohra and India’s Consul General Dr Sushil Kumar met the Premier Daniel Andrews, to discuss the rising problem of khalistani ‘militants’ in the state.

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Many community leaders and members of the peace-loving Indian community in Victoria including many (anti Khalistan) Sikhs have contacted Bharat Times to express their absolute shock and disapproval of such attacks and vandalism of three Hindu temples. They want the peace and harmony of our community to be maintained.

“I believe it is high time the local Indian community stops looking at Delhi for help. The local Indian communities have not voted for Narendra Modi; he owes a duty of care to his citizens, international students. We voted for Daniel Andrews, Matthew Guy or Samantha Ratnam and that is where we should to go”, said a Melbourne retiree, who has lived since 1980 but does not want to be named in the story.

“The pity is, we have just had an election and all politicians know the next one is more than 3 years and 10 months away. If this – vandalism at three temples and completely unprovoked attack in front of the Victoria police had taken place in October, (before election 2022), you would have seen a flurry of political activity and a long list of politicians making a beeline for the temples attacked. Highest ranked pollies would have been all over the media visiting hospitals – reassuring Indians that they are and will be safe in Victoria. But there is nothing like that – the question is why”, he added.

Many people have been calling our office since January 12, the first attack on BAPS temple in Mill Park; their pain is palpable. They are traumatized at the speed of rising threat of terrorism.

So far, Hindus have been completely ignored, given lip service if at all. It is up to Hindu community leaders to call for the treatment they think they deserve.

Election may be some time away; the memories will remain. For majority of Hindus, temple attacks are much more hurtful. And the Indians being attacked in full public view for peacefully marching, and the culprits given just a 10-unit penalty notice is a sick joke.

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