Indian Missions policing for Modi Government

OCI cards, visas of farm protest supporters revoked

In the wake of the on-going farmers’ protests, the government of India has been accused of spying on the Indian diaspora around the world to identify farmers’ supporters to appropriately deal with them. Are Indian missions (including in Australia) policing the Indian diaspora for Modi government?

A media report has claimed the Modi government has cancelled Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) cards and long-term (LT) visas of people of Indian origin for their involvement in the on-going farmers’ protests.

Quoting anonymous sources, the report said action was taken against those who were involved in anti-India activities in the guise of supporting the ongoing farmers’ protest against three farm laws enacted by the Modi-Shah government.

One report suggests a list of 12 such people has been prepared and should they try to enter India, they will be sent back.

To the shock of many in the Indian diaspora in Australia and around the world, the reports also claimed that the Indian missions in different countries have been keeping a close eye on the activities of the people of Indian origin.

Members of the diaspora in Australia may be of interest to the government of India for participating in anti-India activities.

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It has been noticed that in several countries, particularly Canada, Indian students studying there have been participating in anti-India protests outside missions.

There have been demonstrations in Australia as well against the Modi government for bringing in the farm laws.

Rallies and processions both in support of and against the farm bills have also taken place in Australia.

Earlier in Sydney tensions came to boil and allegations were made against a group of people for trying to attack a Gurudwara in Glenwood where the underlying tensions had the same for and against sentiments on the issue of farm laws.

The reports suggest not only have the Indian missions overseas been keeping a watch on the Indian diaspora, a list of people (12 at the moment) has been prepared to refuse their entry to India.

If media reports are to be believed, the Indian Immigration Department has been advised to send all of “those on the list” back to their origin of travel nation.

The question here in Australia are:

Has the Indian High Commission in Canberra along with the two Indian Consulates in Melbourne and Sydney (where the numbers are big and processions have been taken out) been doing the policing for the Modi government? And

Has anyone in Australian Indian diaspora lost their OCI / PIO card or Long Term visa for their actions or position in things happening in India which the current government has taken offence to?

To check if the Indian missions in Australia were also policing the Indian community here, Bharat Times contacted both the Indian High Commission in Canberra and Indian Consulate in Melbourne for comment but did not receive any response.

More to come.

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