Shashi Tharoor calls Delhi violence a drama

Veteran Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, who has been learning the leadership skills under the tutelage of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has done it again. Like his aka – he too seems to be suffering from ‘foot and mouth’ disease. While Rahul’s utterances are laughed at – a good money making fodder for stand up comedians (albeit for BJP minded audiences), Tharoor suffers from a rare intermitant intellect deficiency syndrome when it comes to his tweets and coupled with ‘foot and mouth’ disease, his tweets warrant his rehabilitation in an asylum. Intellect deficiency usually pushes people to speak what they think ignoring all precautions or packaging which usually applies when leaders of any stature open their BIG mouth.

While India and Indians all over the world were still grappling with what happened in Delhi on January 26, the Republic Day 2021, Tharoor had a severe fit and could not help himself, in a tweet called the anarchy on the streets of Delhi on the day, “drama”.

That too to post a video of himself..?

That proves, no one can love Shashi Tharoor more than Shashi Tharoor himself.

Yes, I agree and advise him to keep a mirror handy.

Scolded by his aaka Rahul Gandhi, look in the mirror and there he finds himself  – God’s work of art.

Back to his tweet:

Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor

Now that the drama of #RepublicDay  is behind us, I can repost my Video “Letter to India” for @theQuint recorded on the eve of #RepublicDay2021: ‘Let us Protect the Values of an Inclusive & Progressive India’

Deservedly, he had a slap in the face reaction from twitterati.

Nirmaan @NeatSpeaking

Replying to @ShashiTharoor and @TheQuint

Just because you can converse in English does not make you a good Indian. Feel really sorry for your constituents who have got a traitor as their MP to represent them in the Indian parliament who is continuously busy thinking of making money off their misery.

Nirmaan @NeatSpeaking

Replying to @ShashiTharoor and @TheQuint

Every Indian – no matter how your political inclinations lie – must not allow anyone to call violence in Delhi a “drama”. These self imposed elites who have no value outside India – fool Indians to make their money.

Nirmaan @NeatSpeaking

Replying to @ShashiTharoor and @TheQuint

“Drama”? how dare you call it a drama – you piece ***t. That show how responsible you are as an MP. Just tender your resignation and go settle in your heartland – some western country – you coconut – totally white from inside. Shame on you to call it a drama.

Replying to @ShashiTharoor and @TheQuint

Drama Created By Pappu Gandhi Khan…!!!~!~

Sanjeev Kumar @sanjeevkumar_VG

Replying to @ShashiTharoor and @TheQuint

“Drama of Republic” ?? Are you out of your mind ? For you, republic day may be a drama but for Indians, this is biggest day. And those who malign this day needs to be held accountable by the law of land.

R V Subrahmanyam @RVSubrahmanyam9

Replying to @ShashiTharoor and @TheQuint

Also we should add that let us not give space for anti India narrative , people ignoring core national interest in the name of freedom of expression, violent protests..Good English is not good enough to understand equality as per constitution

Prof Milind Sathye @Indsat54

Replying to @ShashiTharoor and @TheQuint

Drama?? The director of the drama is still out.. the actors are being prosecuted under UAPA. Why not the Director surrender himself?? and apologize to the nation for supporting the mayhem by remaining in the background??

Tarun Satiya @TarunSatiya

Replying to @ShashiTharoor and @TheQuint

Republic Day is one of the most pious national festival of India. Why do you call it a drama? Unless you meant to say farmers’ drama on Republic Day.

There was one fan of Tharoor, more like he himself shadowing his own account to ward off people like me. It did not mean much to writing this tongue in cheek tribute to Shashi Tharoor’s immense talent which he is wasting in the Congress party. He should get out as soon as he can and perhaps launch a party to possibly lead an effective opposition in India.

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