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Melbourne based Lucky Sharma is ‘Mr London 2019’, having represented Australia at the international PCA bodybuilding championship held in London, last month.

The Indian-origin Champion Bodybuilder, who is now a proud father to a little girl and also manages a Health Supplements business, said that it was his family that “steered and supported his love for bodybuilding”.

Born and brought up in Punjab, India, Lucky was a wrestler and bodybuilder and had won ‘Mr Kapurthala’ and ‘North Indian Champion’ while in India.

But talking to Bharat Times, Lucky said that his time in Australia after landing here as a young student, was not an easy ride.

His passion for bodybuilding took a big hit and the Indian bodybuilder almost gave up on his dreams of a championship in Australia.

It required “a lot of perseverance and determination to not only gain financial security” for his young family but also “remain motivated for my passion at the same time”.

Lucky not only studied, but also worked long hours in the security industry, and drove taxi to build a family home and provide for his family. As things started to look up, his wife Preeti Sharma steered him back to his passion and Lucky started to train “as I used to in India.

“I began to feel mentally strong and even worked more productively”.

After a struggle of almost a decade and regaining his former build and physique, Lucky was energised to compete for a professional championship.

Earlier this, year, he won ‘Mr Australia 2019’ title in the Muscle Model category at PCA (Physical Culture Association) National Championship held in Melbourne on 29 September.

This entitled him to compete in the PCA LONDON 2019, held on Sunday, October 6 at the Watford Colosseum in London UK, where he represented Australia.

As muscle model, Lucky won ‘Mr London’ and received flamboyant applause and cheers from the audience in London, especially his Australian supporters.

Earlier, Lucky has also been adjudged ‘Mr Victoria’.

Today Lucky is proud to not only represent Australia at international bodybuilding championships, but also being known as the ‘Indian-Australian bodybuilder’.

Apart from being a bodybuilder, Lucky is also a Fitness Trainer alongside his Health Supplements business and is an ardent volunteer of many Indian community events and organisations.

R. VenuGopal (inputs DM)

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