by Sharmishta Guha in Mumbai, Bharat Times

Tinaa Dattaa of Uttaran fame wants to settle down now and is looking for a nice guy who should be loyal to her and respects people

The relationships space in our modern society is changing rapidly. Things which were taboo not so long ago are now accepted norms and people seem to have no qualms about practically anything. The live-ins are a thing in vogue and there seems to be no need to get a piece of paper, once a sought after document, called Marriage Certificate. It is more of an encumbrance rather than a coveted possession it used to be.

Inevitably, the bye-product of this social metamorphosis is – the resultant allegations when relationships come to an end and some prove to be true, which is bad enough but in some cases, the allegations are found to ill-founded, false and malicious. And in Bollywood, invariably, every relationship break-up ends up having a label of being abusive.

Sadly, TV Actress Tinaa Dutta’s story has revealed one more sordid episode. She made headlines earlier this year when she broke her silence about being in an abusive relationship for five years with an industry outsider.

The good news is, after having a rough patch in her personal life, the Uttaran actor is open for a new relationship and is looking for a suitable life partner but not from the entertainment industry.

“I’ve consciously decided to focus on my life. I would love to settle down but I haven’t met the right person. I’m out of an abusive relationship and want to settle down in life but not with someone from the industry,” says Tinaa who is currently on a break from work.

On the qualities she wants in her partner, Tinaa shares, “He should be loyal to me, respect people and should be a nice guy.”

As she looks back, Tinaa regrets not taking up a stand for herself back then. “I should have told him that it is over. I don’t blame the guy completely because I was also at a very tender age when I fell in love. I was so blinded in love that I thought it was okay for me to put up with an abusive relationship and allowed him to treat me the way he wished. But it was not okay. If a guy raises a hand on you, that means he is not man enough. One shouldn’t let anybody take you for granted and nobody has the right to disrespect you and take away your peace and happiness from you,” Tinaa says.

The actor had a tough time moving on from the relationship. “I was so scared to trust people and went into depression. I remember I used to be really sad on the sets and used to hide in my make-up room and cry,” Tinaa shares.

All interested eligible bachelors – who think they may be Tinaa’s Mr Right, should try and get in touch with her. Many female Bollywood actors have married non-resident Indians and some non Indians as well. Therefore, a union is definitely possible!

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