killing & dumping the body Whatsapped

Husband Jaspreet, mistress & 2 others charged

Ferozepur, Punjab 30 March: Ravneet Kaur, a young, vibrant and vivacious girl  came to Australia from a very small place near Ferozepur in Punjab with big dreams, high hopes and a monumental will to make it here in her new country.

When she left for India on February 27 along with her four years old daughter Navsirat, little did she know, she was never going to come back.

And sadly, her life ended on March 14 when she, four months pregnant, was murdered by strangulation and her body was thrown in Bhakhra canal at Sirhind, some 200kms from her place.

If reports in some sections of the media are correct, she was expecting a son this time.

Ravneet’s Australian journey was brief but very fruitful. Equipping herself with professional qualification and then finding employment as nurse in TriCare Cypress Gardens Aged Care Residence at Carrara Gold Coast, she had not set one foot wrong.

Along the way, she found Jaspreet, the love of her life and decided to grow old with him and live the rest of her life with him. As it turned out, they even secretly married in Australia in 2011 when she was just 21 years old.

Everything was going fine for her and she, along with Jaspreet told their parents in India about their relationship. Both families got together to do their wedding ceremonies once again this time with full pomp and show in Zirakpur near Chandigarh. They, for all their social and public purposes got married in 2013.

According to Harjinder Singh, father of Ravneet, his son-in-law Jaspreet started having an affair with Kiran (Kiranjeet Kaur) and Ravneet’s problems began.

“In 2014 they bought a restaurant called Haveli at Gold Coast and Kiran came to work there. It was there Kiran and Jaspreet started having an affair”, Mr Singh told Bharat Times on the phone from India.

Although Mr Singh is not sure if Jaspreet was having the affair with Kiran before the restaurant but considers that to be a strong possibility.

Ravneet’s brother Jasneet Singh alleges this was planned extensively and over time the way it has been executed.

Ravneet’s father has alleged it was planned and executed, masterminded by Jaspreet, his son-in-law from Gold Coast Australia.

“On the day of the murder March 14, Ravneet received a video call from Jaspreet. Jaspreet told her to come out (of the house) for better signal, also to meet the girl who had gone there to talk to Ravneet… and she got out of the house…, the distraught father continued on the phone.

Ravneet’s mother, father and brother all allege Jaspreet told Ravneet on the phone to go out and sit in the car which was used for kidnapping her and later recovered by police.

Kiran, Jaspreet’s mistress, along with her sister Taranpreet and one male Sandeep were waiting for Ravneet in the car.

According to Harjinder Singh, “it seems as Ravneet went to talk to Kiran, we believe she was made to sniff something which sedated her and then they strangled her before throwing her body in the (Bhakhra) Canal near Sirhind…”.

What is most shocking is the revelation by the sister of Kiran, Taranpreet who is in Punjab Police custody that “they video messaged the execution to Jaspreet via Whatsapp”, Harjinder alleged talking to Bharat Times.

According to the father, Taranpreet has also told police during interrogation that after killing Ravneet, they sent picture(s) of her dead body via Whatsapp to Jaspreet.

“They threw her body into the Sirhind canal at 7.00pm and messaged Jaspreet through Whatsapp that the job was done”, the father further alleged talking to Bharat Times.

Plan to kill both Ravneet and daughter

What is even more shocking is the revelation by Taranpreet that the plan was to kill not only Ravneet but also her 4 years old daughter Navsirat.

Harjinder further alleged:

“Under police interrogation Taranpreet has admitted that the plan was to kill both Ravneet and her daughter on the night of February 27/ early morning February 28 when they landed in Delhi India but the plan could not be executed because Jaspreet’s dad came from Chandigarh to receive them.”

They had to change the plan but as Ravneet and her daughter were in India for only three weeks and had to return on 22 March, they needed to do it before then.

Harjinder believes Kiran, her sister Taranpreet and Sandeep Singh (perhaps along with some more friends) had also tried to kidnap her on March 13. He explained his belief telling Bharat Times from India:

“Jaspreet had made a long – two and a half hour long phone call on March 13, one day before Ravneet was kidnapped and spoke to many of our family members one after the other while Ravneet was asked to go out and show around the house – the fields and crops etc at the back of the house… And all this time (more than two and half hours) a vehicle was spotted around doing the rounds… Because there was someone around Ravneet, kidnapping could not take place on the day…”.

It is also possible, they were doing scouting around the area and getting to know the streets around their house to make the getaway fast and safe. Because they knew they were going to do it the next day. And they did.

On March 15, the day after the murder,  Kiranjeet flew back to Gold Coast.

Ravneet’s sudden disappearance shattered the family. They pleaded with Jaspreet to come to India. According to Ravneet’s family all he gave them was excuses. He kept on telling lies to them one after the other.

“He said he had no visa and it will take time… That was not true…He had everything…

According to Ravneet’s father Harjinder Jaspreet “even sent a fake ticket via Whatsapp”.

A totally shattered father who has lost a young vibrant and promising 29 years old daughter feels absolutely helpless and is demanding justice from both Indian and Australian governments is asking for urgent and quick extradition of both Jaspreet Singh and Kiranjeet Kaur.

BT understands four people have been charged – Jaspreet Sing, Kiranjeet Kaur both for murder, Taranpreet Kaur (Kiran’s sister)  and their local accomplice in India  Sandeep Singh both for conspiracy to murder.

Both Jaspreet and Kiran will have to be sent back to India and for that, the extradition process has to begin in India.

We will be shortly completing the investigation to establish her role [of the accused]. As per the law we will start the extradition,” Senior Superintendent of Punjab Police Ferozepur district Sandeep Goel told the media.

Family members of Ravneet believe she suffered in silence in her short and intense life. They believe she knew her husband was – having a mistress and for so long – she would have lived a life of second fiddle in her own home.  She did not tell anyone.

“The regret killing us is had she told us anything, we would have sorted it out or the worst case – got them separated and divorced but she would be alive today. She chose to suffer and cry in silence because she knew (being a nurse knew better) that her parents, (particularly mum) was having extreme health issues and she did not want to make things worse for them”, says Ravneet’s cousin.

A big mistake Ravneet, you did not help them dear. Losing your life makes it a lot more worse for them and your daughter now.

RIP Ravneet!

     Shalini Singh with DM, Agencies inputs

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