Melbourne, 26 March: Douglas Derick Eustace, an Indian who stabbed his Melbourne wife Mary Freeman of just 3-4 months, to death after Australia Day drinks turned into an ugly argument, has been sentenced to 25 years behind bars, with non-parole period of 20 years.

Victorian Supreme Court Judge Lesley Taylor has sentenced Douglas Derick Eustace, 44, for his “brutal and utterly senseless” act to a minimum of 20-years in jail.

“You killed her in a frenzied knife attack in the bedroom of your shared home,” she said.

The Judge said even after friends tried to restrain him, he broke free and rushed back to the bedroom, stabbing his wife another two times after saying: “Let me go, I want to kill this bitch”.

Eustace and Mary had met while Eustace was on holiday in Australia. The court was told he proposed to her within weeks, so he could return from India to live in Australia. They got married in the later part of 2016.

The Supreme Court was told soon Mary became unhappy in her marriage (with Eustace) and the pair started sleeping separately in single beds as tensions between the two grew.

Mary Freeman started contemplating leaving the marriage, once Eustace’s permanent visa came through.

Although they were having issues, the couple had family and friends over for drinks at Mary’s Hallam home to celebrate Australia Day, January 26, 2017. The couple started arguing over drinks whether men or women were superior.

And despite the best efforts of friends, their arguments continued.

Eustace got himself a long knife from the kitchen before a loud argument ensued.

According to Eustace, as he told police he then found Mary in the bathroom flicking a small green knife.

Eustace then launched his full fledged frenzied stabbing attack on Mary and caused multiple serious injuries which included a 10cm deep stab wound penetrating her liver.

And sadly for Mary and her family and children, Eustace’s attack on Mary proved fatal and Mary died shortly after midnight on January 27, 2017.

It was less than four months after their wedding.

After the killing, Eustace handed himself into police, after killing Mary and told people and police that he’d stabbed his wife.

Of his 20 years minimum sentence, Eustace has already spent 1 year and 58 days in pre-sentence detention.

Eustace will be deported to India when he completes his imprisonment and gets out.


-R. VenuGopal


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