Nick Jonas-Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka’s money is on Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are grabbing all the headlines – in India and in the US. They met at Gala 2017 and they kept their machinations well-crafted to be in headlines ever since. Few flights shuttling between India and US, with few between concert venues later – came the flight of the Jonas’s to Mumbai to perform the “Roka” ceremony – engagement in common parlance.

And the couple have been glued to each other ever since and one begs the question – was this an engagement or gluing ceremony?

In July, the couple celebrated Priyanka’s turning 36 together in style and splashed their cosy pictures all over Instagram making it so simple for entertainment writers to report the even prominently.

And earlier this month, Nick Jonas turned 26 and Priyanka whose heart was in fact the ‘ticking clock’ – doing the countdown- decided to put all her money on – you guessed it – Nick Jonas.

And literally of course, explained below.

Those interested in small things in life may check SCOMO, TRUMP or MODI’s movements, and those interested in big scoops where totally occupied reading about the big entertainment news that Nick Jonas cut not one but three cakes for his 26 birthday.

A revelation of sort, eh?

For one, the American singer cut three birthday cakes as he enjoyed a baseball game and later some ‘ranch life’ with the Quantico actor and others… reported one newspaper.

Nick cut one cake as normal birthday, the second was organized by his brother Jo after Nick performed at the Angel stadium of Anaheim Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Angels had a game.

Moneycake byPC
Moneycake byPC

But the crown goes to the one ‘secretly’ organized by Priyanka. Shaped like a huge roulette table in dull bronze hue, it had (edible) dollar notes stuck to it with “I bet my money on you, babe” written on it.

The huge cake also had playing cards, coins, cigars, betting board games as a part of it with Nick’s initials right at the centre of it

The couple are having good time. They have some diehard fans down under and are hoping to see the couple visiting here soon.

“I hope Nick comes to Australia to perform soon and we will have Priyanka come with him anyway. I want to see them in person – that’s my dream and I want to see them before they settle down and start to have family”, says Aridhee Gupta who has been following both of them – Priyanka through Bollywood movies and Nick through his music.

She cites the following four lines of Nick’s song that she used to like before he got engaged to Priyanka:

I look for you in the center of the sun
I took a pill but it didn’t help me numb
I see your face even when my eyes are shut
But I never really know just where to find you

She is only young and now knows he is no longer looking for anyone in the centre of the sun. She is still a big fan.

The Twitterati in India went berserk and divided in two – lovers and haters of the couple. Some girls with broken hearts after their union was officially confirmed, wrote on twitter:

Never, in my wildest fantasies, did my 15-year-old self imagine Priyanka Chopra to be the one to marry my make-believe husband, Nick Jonas.

Demi, sure. Selena, perhaps. Priyanka?

Apne hee dhoka dete hain, sach baat hai.

(Your own people stab you in the back take what you think is yours – a universal truth)

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While the weirdest quip came from an old grumpy man who could not stop looking at the meanest side of brighter things: “Why is Priyanka fixated on money? Is she after only money in life?”

While the world is celebrating with the couple – bringing the two nations together after five decades of being on the opposite sides during cold war rears, grandpa is missing the fun!

-Shalini Singh

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