When 54% of men and 39% of women admit to flirting with other parents when they drop their children at school – it is no wonder that Back to School time is the best time of the year for cheating.

  • Majority say there are more opportunities to flirt at drop off time
  • Women are more likely to pump their children for information about other parents than men

Back to School is a favourite time of year for cheating parents as the daily school run provides opportunities to flirt with and date other parents, regardless of their marital status, a shocking new survey has revealed.

The survey, conducted by VictoriaMilan – a website dedicated to married or attached people looking to cheat – polled 2,123 male and 1,245 female members of Victoria Milan, to look into how the daily school run improves their dating life.

Both cheating men and women have admitted they are looking to flirt with other parents during their school pick up and drop off duties – with more than 54% men and 39% women seeing that as a dating opportunity.

When you drop off or pick up your kids from school, do you flirt with any other parents?

Male Female
Yes 54% 39%
No 29% 38%
I have never thought about it 17% 23%

According to cheating mums (81%) and dads (63%), the school drop off is more likely to be successful than pick up time.

Parents are looking fresh, have more energy to take on new challenges than at the end of the day when everyone is trying to beat traffic, thinking of what to make for dinner and get the kids to bed.

Cheaters of both genders admit that they are more likely to flirt with married parents – 55% of men and 69% of women say they will opt for someone wearing a wedding ring, as it’s less risky.

Do you prefer to flirt with parents who are married or separated?

Male Female
Married – it’s less risky 55% 69%
Separated, divorced or single – it’s easier 45% 31%

The only area in which men and women differ is whether they will try to get information from their children regarding other parents.

Only just over a quarter of men say they would ask their child for details about other families, while nearly 70% of women will.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said flirting during the school run is a way to make a boring chore a pleasure.

“Flirting with other parents is a great way to make the school run a pleasure – and having a playful exchange with someone who is clearly married reduces the risk of any complications.” Mr Vedal said.

SURVEY DATA was compiled from 2,123 male and 1,245 female members of Victoria Milan members

Mishka Anderson

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