Thurairajah Shanmugapalan for Manningham

Meet Thurairajah Shanmugapalan for Manningham
Waldau Ward

If you  live in the Waldau ward of Manningham, this is why you may consider to vote for Thurairajah Shanmugapalan

What will be your top priorities if you get elected?

In the short term, it will be about Fast track capital and major projects to stimulate post covid-19 and give rate relief for those affected by the pandemic.

In the long term, its about “Community building” by bringing together residents from different cultural background, an Inclusive and Caring Council with transparency in governance.

Do you think your local council is appropriately representative of your community and its interests?


What would you like to say to a potential voter to vote for you?

I have the committment and  experiance to bring a change in the way the council is being run.

As a member of the Victorian community do you think migrant communities are appropriately looked after by the mainstream political parties in Victoria?

Given the circumstances, everyone is doing their best in supporting the whole community. 

As Victorian of Indian/Asian descent what do you miss most about India / your country of origin here or what do you fondly remember?

Australia has been my home for over 33 years and probably the thing most I miss is the Climate in my home country.

Your assessment of the State government’s and the Opposition’s role in handling/addressing the COVID-19 crisis?

In my opinion, the govt and the opposition need to join together to fight this crises. Government is doing its best.