Rishi Prabhakar for Wyndham

Meet Rishi Prabhakar for Wyndham
Chaffey Ward

If you are a voter in Chaffey ward of Wyndham, this is why you may consider to vote for Rishi

What will be your top three priorities if you get elected?

  1. Revival of local economy
  2. Safety & security
  3. Transport infrastructure

Do you think your local council is appropriately representative of your community and its interests?

– I wouldnt be contesting if they were, some councillors are so out of touch with the community, last December they passed a motion to reduce 500 carparks when we are in desperate need of more carparks in all our stations, this is just one example of many.

What would you like to say to a potential voter to vote for you?

– My vision for Wyndham City is a safe, healthy, and thriving urban multicultural community. I see Wyndham as a municipality that promotes economic growth, supports social inclusion, develops infrastructure, and delivers innovative programs to support its residents.  I am proud to call Wyndham, Chaffey ward in particular, home. As a selfless community volunteer and an activist, I have a great understanding of the issues affecting our community in daily life. My voice and advocacy have always been for the Wyndham community, which led to achieving solutions for many significant matters. Kindly support my candidature and together we can bring a better change for Wyndham.

As a member of the Victorian community do you think migrant communities are appropriately looked after by the mainstream political parties in Victoria?

– There is a big gap in understanding the migrant communities by all parties. The new and emerging communities are trying to make a place and the political parties in my opinion are seeing them as numbers rather than strength.

As Victorian of Indian/Asian descent what do you miss most about India / your country of origin here or what do you fondly remember?

– Family & friends who I grew up with, when you are away from India whatever you remember are happy memories, the relatives, friends, food, culture, music… I can go on.

Rishi thinks the COVID-19 pandemic could have been handled better.