Coronavirus or COVID-19 is posing a serious health risk to the globe like no other. It is dangerously fatal and there is no cure yet for it. Various national and international agencies and governments are doing things to help control the spread and quickly find a cure for it. The advice so far is not to panic but to make doubly sure that steps advised by the medical practitioners are strictly followed.

Our stories so far:

Indian vigil at Fed Square

COVID in India: Indian vigil at Fed Square

Horrendous visuals of public funerals and parks turned into crematoriums are beaming across the world as India – now the focus of the world and epicenter of COVID second wave - reels under the deluge of almost 3 million active cases in desperate need of health infrastructure which the nation ...
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India's covid surge - worry for Modi

India’s COVID surge – 14-day lockdowns advised

India is really under attack from an alarming COVID 19 surge. A complete lack of plan to fight the virus coupled with totally inadequate health infrastructure in the country and the playing of belligerent politics by various states including Delhi, Maharashtra and West Bengal is killing the delivery of meaningful ...
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Indians restricted in arriving back to Australia

Indians will be restricted coming to Australia

Australia has taken notice of the COVID emergency in India and decided to restrict the number of people to be allowed to come to Australia in order to safeguard Australia’s hotel quarantine program and keep the local community safe. The National Cabinet meeting held on April 22 decided to cut ...
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VMC urges use of QR code at community functions

VMC urges all to use QR code at community functions

Victorian Multicultural Commission is encouraging all event organisers and faith leaders in the multicultural community to ensure they provide QR code check-ins at their venues, and ask their visitors to complete check-in, ahead of the amnesty deadline tomorrow, Friday 23rd April.  “"The QR code is a simple but critical tool in ...
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International flight arrivals to resume

Victoria to resume International flight arrivals

Victoria will reopen to start receiving international flights with the first plane set to touch down on the tarmac within weeks. Just six weeks after ban on hotel quarantine, Victoria will again open its doors to international flight arrivals, on April 8 following an overhaul of its hotel quarantine program. Acting ...
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Victoria is COVID free finally

Good News: Victoria is COVID free

For the first time since December 11, 2020, Victoria is totally Covid free. There are no active cases of COVID-19 in the state of Victoria as of 23 March, 2021, according to the latest figures announced by the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria. That makes way for further ...
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COVID-19 conspiracy or accident is a debate we must have

Global politics of COVID-19- conspiracy or accident?

Is India facing a second COVID-19 wave? With the figures of infections and deaths caused by COVID-19 the world over, in the US, India, compared with China, one wonders whether the COVID-19 pandemic was accidental or the result of a studied conspiracy. While India, one of the first countries to ...
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Lockdown restrictions end midnight tonight

Lockdown restrictions end from midnight tonight

From 11.59pm tonight lockdown restrictions will end and Victoria will return to its "COVIDSafe Summer" restrictions that were in place over the Christmas period. After only 2 new cases were recorded in the last 7 days, and both connected to the state's Holiday Inn cluster, the government has made the ...
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Australia India normal flights resumption in jeopardy

Australia India flights resumption in jeopardy

India fights new variants of COVID-19, surge in numbers While Australia is happily advancing its roll out of vaccination drive to fight COVID-19 with Pfizer and Astro-Zeneca vaccines considered to be carrying 90% effi9cacy in results, a worrying news has emerged in India with new strains or variants of the ...
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Covid vaccine roll out in Australia

COVID vaccine rollout: What you need to know

As Australia gets ready for its COVID-19 vaccination program roll out, there are some tips from India where the vaccination has already begun - to assess what Aussies can expect when it actually start to happen. India and Australia have one common vaccine - Oxford-Astra-Zeneca – being part of the ...
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