Coronavirus or COVID-19 is posing a serious health risk to the globe like no other. It is dangerously fatal and there is no cure yet for it. Various national and international agencies and governments are doing things to help control the spread and quickly find a cure for it. The advice so far is not to panic but to make doubly sure that steps advised by the medical practitioners are strictly followed.

Our stories so far:

evacuation from Australia Air India

No more evacuation Air India flights from Australia for now

Evacuation of Indian on Air India flights has taken over 1000 Indian citizens stranded abroad on flights from Qatar, the US and Australia (including the Air India flight out of Melbourne on 28 May) . On Monday, 25 May, taking pride in the effort, India’s Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh ...
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international students covid-19 help

COVID-19- International student Emergency Relief Fund  

Premier Daniel Andrews’s government in Victoria has set up a $45 million International Students Emergency Relief Fund for helping international students in Victoria. The government will be working with and through Victorian universities and TAFEs who will play a key role in helping the state Government to administer funds to ...
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easing COVID-19 restrictions

Easing coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions

Easing coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions Australia has been highly successful in ‘flattening the curve’. The number of new COVID-19 cases in Australia each day is very low. We can now begin to take careful steps to ease some of the restrictions that have helped us suppress the spread. There have been ...
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Mental Health with Yoga

Managing mental health with yoga during COVID-19

The ancient practice of yoga could provide a sustainable exercise alternative for thousands of people isolating at home, as new research from the University of South Australia, shows that movement-based yoga can significantly improve mental health. The world first study conducted in partnership with the Federal University of Santa Maria, UNSW Sydney, Kings College ...
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Anil Kumble Spit and saliva

No more spit and saliva to shine the cricket ball

Spit and saliva can carry COVID-19 and thus need to be banned. No doubt COVID-19 threat and the new normal for life – will change the game of cricket as well. While the administrators are pondering over the future of the game and fixtures already announced but not yet actioned ...
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$200 voucher giveaways

$200 voucher giveaways for International students  

$200 voucher giveaways have been planned by the City of Melbourne to aid cash strapped international students. The City of Melbourne will invest $200,000 in retail vouchers to support international students impacted by COVID-19 and boost trade at the Queen Victoria Market. The ‘Our Shout’ retail voucher program will support ...
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Manmeet Grewal depression

Depression victim TV Actor Manmeet commits suicide

When COPVID-19 hit this world, little did we realise its far reaching ramifications let alone being able to see its long lasting and devastating effect on mental health of populations all over the globe. With restrictions introduced in a snap, the economics of life for millions just died instantly. No ...
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Designer masks covid-19

Designer Masks – have you gotten yours yet?

COVID-19 propels the Rise of Designer Masks – Aussie companies out there Melbourne, May 15: Fashion-forward face masks are a thing now — or they will be, according to writers at Vogue and other style prognosticators. Turning masks into a fashion statement “is a good way to normalize them,” says fashion ...
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chinese wrath covid-19 inquiry

Chinese wrath on calls for global inquiry into COVID-19

First it was our Prime Minister Scott Morrison who made the call for an investigation into the origins of COVID-19. It invited a deluge of Chinese wrath. Now the former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has also come out and backed the call asking for an investigation into the origins of ...
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eased restrictions small business

Eased restrictions won’t be so simple for small business

Eased restrictions will provide little relief to small and medium businesses still struggling with overly complex and often unclear COVID-19 workplace rules, which have also been inconsistently applied across the States, according to Employsure, Australia’s largest workplace advisory firm for SMEs. Employsure, which advises more than 27,000 SMEs in Australia ...
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