Coronavirus or COVID-19 is posing a serious health risk to the globe like no other. It is dangerously fatal and there is no cure yet for it. Various national and international agencies and governments are doing things to help control the spread and quickly find a cure for it. The advice so far is not to panic but to make doubly sure that steps advised by the medical practitioners are strictly followed.

Our stories so far:

Indian family attacked in Lynbrook - Lynn Prakasham

Indian family attacked outside Lynbrook Hotel

In what appears to be a racially motivated move in which on an Indian family was attacked by thugs outside Lynbrook Hotel in Lynbrook. In the attack, Keith Prakasham, wife Jacqueline Prakasham and his brother Lynn Prakasham were allegedly racially abused and physically assaulted. The attack took place on February ...
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Daniel Andrews has announced restrictions to ease in Victoria

Density Limit, Dancefloor & QR Code Restrictions to ease

With continuous better numbers on COVID, Victoria's restrictions are set to ease from Friday, February 18. With hospitalisation numbers and community transmission decreasing and more than half of Victorians aged over 16 now vaccinated with three doses, a number of common-sense restrictions and recommendations in place during the state’s Omicron ...
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RATs - Rapid Antigen Tests Kit

The six ways that nasal RATs can fail

Over the last few months, the global community has learnt that fundamentally we have two choices - PCRs or RATs - in determining whether we have COVID-19 or not, and just how our life needs to change around that outcome. The purported gold standard of COVID-19 testing is the invasive ...
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CHO Brett Sutton's update on Latest COVID-19 data

Omicron numbers on the fall in Victoria: latest COVID-19 data

This is the Victorian COVID-19 Data as released by the Chief Health Officer of Victoria: There are 575 COVID-19 cases in hospital in Victoria – with 45 active cases in ICU, including 30 on a ventilator, and an additional 27 cleared cases in ICU. 5,758,533 vaccine doses have been administered by Victoria’s state-commissioned services, with 15,870 administered yesterday at state-run centres. 582 of the doses ...
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Protecting Children with COVID-19 Vaccination

Protecting children before the new school year begins

With focus on protecting children, the Victorian Government is providing families the opportunity to get their children aged 5-11 vaccinated before Term 1 starts – with more options than ever to get kids protected, close to home. State-run vaccination clinics will accept walk-ups for the paediatric vaccine, with Victoria's state-run ...
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Third dose interval reduced to three months

NSW, Victoria reduce third dose interval to three months

Victorians over the age of 18 will now be eligible to get their vital third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine after the third dose interval was reduced to three months today, just in time for a walk-up vaccination blitz starting this Friday. The reduced timeframe of three months, recommended by ...
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RATs - Rapid Antigen Tests Kit

COVID-19, PCR & Rapid Antigen Tests: the Way forward

Omicron case numbers continue to increase in Australia. Omicron as COVID variant continues to show greater infectivity than the Delta variant, but with much less severity in terms of hospitalisations, ICU and ventilated patients. That makes testing of cases - with both PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests all the more ...
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James Merlino Medi_Hotels in Victoria

Medi-Hotels To Ease Pressure On Hospitals dealing with COVID admissions

Two medi-hotels will be set up to help care for the growing number of COVID-19 patients needing lower-level care, easing pressure on Victoria’s hospital system. Hotel quarantine sites are being transformed into medi-hotels, from Monday providing Hospital in the Home style care for low acuity patients in a highly controlled ...
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Australia's latest COVID-19 vaccine Rollout

Latest updates to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination program has been extended to children aged 5 to 11 years. This is because the Australian Government accepted recommendations from Australia’s immunisation experts, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI). ATAGI also recommends a booster dose of COVID-19 vaccines for people aged 18 years and over ...
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Martin Foley - onset of Omicron

Victoria records 21,728 new cases as Omicron wave hits Australia

The rapid rise in COVID cases in Australia is a cause for concern for authorities particularly when the daily number in just two states has crossed 60,000. This is the onset of Omicron wave in Australia. Victoria has recorded 21, 728 cases which when added to NSW's 38, 625 tops ...
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