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Coronavirus or COVID-19 is posing a serious health risk to the globe like no other. It is dangerously fatal and there is no cure yet for it. Various national and international agencies and governments are doing things to help control the spread and quickly find a cure for it. The advice so far is not to panic but to make doubly sure that steps advised by the medical practitioners are strictly followed.

Our stories so far:

carey grammar coronavirus

COVID-19 & School closures: ‘likely to be the norm’ says Dan Tehan

Tuesday, 10 March 2020: COVID-19 or coronavirus is continuing to disrupt life all over the world. It is causing school closures and is particularly upsetting to see many educational institutions being told to close. A school in Sydney last week had to temporarily close. Also, the state government has cancelled ...
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COVID-19 & cruise ship?, ‘Reconsider going’, says government

As the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread around the world, following the US government’s action, the Australian government has also advised its Australians to “reconsider” taking an overseas cruise ship. SmartTraveller website advice: “Australians, particularly those with underlying health concerns should reconsider taking an overseas cruise at this time ...
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Coronavirus Australia

All you need to know about coronavirus  COVID-19

With the number of coronavirus cases mounting in Australia, it is all the more important that we educate ourselves on what we can do to minimise the risk of getting the virus and what items to stock up on if any. We have put all the information you need. Read ...
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CoronaVirus Victoria

Coronavirus affected International Students being helped

Coronavirus affected international students are being helped by the Victorian government with care packages being provided through the Study Melbourne centre and online counselling. Volunteers from the international student community gathered at the Study Melbourne Student Centre in Hardware Lane today to fill care packages with grocery vouchers, support service ...
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Updated Medical Advice for Coronavirus COVID-19 in Australia

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer is now recommending anyone who has travelled in the Hubei province should self-isolate for 14 days after leaving the Hubei province. Australians can rely on advice from health experts when it comes to managing the novel coronavirus – including Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Australia’s Chief Medical ...
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