Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spooked every political analyst in the world by announcing the repeal of three controversial farm laws passed last year against which farmers have been protesting for more than a year. Making the surprise announcement during a televised speech that was broadcast live, PM Modi said: “Today,Read More →

COVID mess in India - what caused it?

And the lessons others are learning from it While political parties are blaming Modi-Shah’s grab for power greed and elections wins as their priority in the second half of 2020 which as a consequence put India at real risk of facing the second wave without any preparation, foreign experts viewRead More →

Mohammed Shami, Harbhajan Singh Virendra Sehwag, Irfan Pathan and Sourav Ganguly lash out at Imran Khan for his UNGA speech   India cricketers Mohammed Shami and Harbhajan Singh lashed out at Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for speaking of hatred in his United Nations General Assembly speech. Shami took toRead More →

Trump on India

The unpredictable nature of US President Donald Trump’s speeches and announcements continues to shock many around the globe. It is not new that he proclaims policies – in all areas – anytime, from anywhere and however so he feels like. It is not new that he came to power onRead More →


Amritsar, 20 October: In the festival din, the crowd didn’t hear train coming Dussehra celebration in Amritsar on Friday turned into a grave tragedy for many when a speeding train ran over and mowed down Dussehra crowd who had gathered there and spilled on to railway track. While the onlookersRead More →