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Get Ready for Fed Square Diwali

Celebrate India Inc. is once again fully ready with their Diwali 2019 celebrations program. Having delivered the festivities for many years, and growing by leaps and bounds each year, this year’s program promises to beat all previous offerings. With over 40 videos from groups and solo artists submitted, the very

Rapist Manpreet jailed for 5 years 6 months

by R. VenuGopal, Bharat Times Manpreet Singh, 28, was fraudulently using a friend’s Uber account when he saw an intoxicated woman walking in the rain through Richmond carrying her shoes in her hand. Manpreet targetted the heavily intoxicated woman when she stopped to vomit in the alcove of a building in Melbourne’s

Indian jailed for 26 years for murder of his wife


Melbourne, 26 March: Douglas Derick Eustace, an Indian who stabbed his Melbourne wife Mary Freeman of just 3-4 months, to death after Australia Day drinks turned into an ugly argument, has been sentenced to 25 years behind bars, with non-parole period of 20 years. Victorian Supreme Court Judge Lesley Taylor has

for Jallianwala massacre in 1919, Punjab seeks British govt apology


Chandigarh, February 26: On the eve of Centenary of the ill-fated Jallianwala Bagh massacre which took place on 13 April 1919, the state of Punjab (in India) has unanimously passed a resolution to seek an apology from the British government for the worst ever massacre of innocent Indians on the

Why Indian Aussies want ABC 7.30 to apologize

It makes my blood boil to see how factually wrong information is broadcast... says Ravi Bhatia ...Indian girls will not sacrifice their chastity just to get their PR... says Uday Dhumatkar Melbourne, August 3: The time was just after 8am on Monday June 27 morning and the start of the final week

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